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Overview of the Course: Gain Insights into Comprehensive Extract of Class 6 Science NCERT
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This lesson gives you a brief outline on how this course, Summary of Class 6 Science NCERT. Roman has discussed various benefits which you can gain by taking up this course and equally sheds light on the objectives of this course. Then he elucidates how will he present this course in the upcoming lessons and also briefly classifies the chapters. While classifying them he states the major topics which will be covered under them.

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Roman Saini
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Love u bro....plz increase difficulty level....
Sir plzz help me what is the first step to start preparation of prelims and mains
Sir please make detailed courses specifically for class 9th and 10th Physics Chemistry (NCERT)
thank you sir For ur great efforts for us to make understand the ncert in less less less time thank u sir
are these courses were enough for us instead of reading whole ncerts??
Extraordinary teaching sir.... Important portion prelims
  1. Overview Summary of Class 6 Science NCERT Presented by Dr. Roman Saini

  2. About me MBBS, AIIMS Cleared CSE-2013 Loves playing Guitar; Movie Buff Course Fee: Contribute Follow me on Unacademy https://un Saini

  3. Objective This course aims to provide basic understanding of Science and Technology This will cover all the important concepts and facts which are asked in the examination It will also act as a solid foundation for learning higher and more difficult concepts in Science and Technology

  4. Target Audience Students preparing for UPSC CSE Aspirants of other government exams / any other exam where General Awareness is an important part This will be helpful for all the students, including those who hail from science background

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  6. Overview 9 lessons & De ealing with summary of class vi Science Chapter 1-16

  7. Overview Lesson 1 : Chapter 1 and 2 Lesson 2 : Chapter 3 to 7 Lesson 8 : Chapter 14 Lesson 9 : Chapter 15 3: Chapter 8 4: Chapter 9 esson5 Lesson 6: Chapter 11 - 12 Lesson 7 : Chapter 13 and 16

  8. Chapter classification - Biology Food-Where does it come from, components of food. Getting to know plants, The living organism and their surrounding, Body movements

  9. Chapter classification - Physics Motion and Measurement of Distances Light, Shadows and Reflections; Electricity and Circuits; Fun with Magnets

  10. Chapter classification - Chemistry Fibre to Fabric; Water; Air around us; Garbage in, garbage out; Sorting materials into group; Separation of substances; Changes around us