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Chapter 1 & 2: Online NCERT Summary Class - VI (Science) for UPSC CSE
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The major topics which one will come across in this particular lesson are comprehensively from Class 6 Science NCERT. Initially, he breaks your misconception of ignoring this subject for various civil services examination by highlighting the significance of NCERT in points. Then he shifts his entire focus on explaining the major extracts from class 6 Science NCERT chapter 1 and 2. He speaks about the food, its sources, and components, where you'll come across topics such as Food variety, Nutrients, Dietary fibers, water, balance diet, and much more. Lastly, he has explained the basic diet chart where you'll learn about various vitamins, disorders if you have the deficiency, symptoms if you have that deficiency and finally the sources to gain those vitamins. ​

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Roman Saini
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jatin sir just tell me one think do you also revise all the current issues more than one or two or more times?
Roman Sir please help me for chhattisgarh psc preparation. please Sir only guide me which books i follow for scoring good marks. please sir
Roman Sir please help me for chhattisgarh psc preparation. please Sir only guide me which books i follow for scoring good marks. please sir
Hi sir Hindi me ncert 6th science me bee lesson ..
hello sir!!! where can I contribute??I couldn't see that button!!
Shivam Singh
2 years ago
its on the website not on the app
Sir 1 separate n lil slow pace lesson on vitamins n protein n mineral their source n all things ll b v hlpful. Also jo test result u said lik stretch n chip example Wala thoda aur batae plz
  1. Class 6 Science NCERT Part 1: Chapter 1-2 Presented by Dr. Roman Saini

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  3. We are not that bad also that we need to study class VI

  4. My cousin is 15 year younger to me, not even my half age, he is reading this.

  5. Tu ab Chhatti class padhayega hame

  6. Why to start from Class VI Easy to understand, made for a 10 year old kid Most of you are ill informed about basic science facts and not equipped to deal with the questions UPSC asks dietly rom 6-2.class * UPSC asks directly from 6-12 class NCERTs level stuf , but do not ignors this Nobody is stopping you from reading higher level stuff, but do not ignore this It will form the foundation for your preparation And the biggest reason is

  7. Kevwords and summarv

  8. Class VI NCERT One of my favourite book (16 chapters) * I knew everything in it, inside out, yet I studied it again Just to practice what I preach Extremely user friendly language course, you will cover everything relevant in this book (otherwise you will Fortunately, you don't need to read the book as you can just watch this take days)

  9. Chapter classification - Biology Food- Where does it come from, Components of food, Getting to know plants, The living organism and their surrounding, e, Body movements

  10. Chapter classification - Physics Motion and Measurement of Distances Light, Shadows and Reflections; Electricity and Circuits; Fun with Magnets

  11. Balance diet: Combination of food, all nutrients+roughage+water, body needs, in right quantity, neither too little nor too much, growth, maintenance, good health Don't peel, don't wash too much, don't overcook (Vitamin C gets destroyed), nutrition may be lost Not too much fat in diet, otherwise will lead to obesity Lack of a particular nutrient in the food: deficiency diseases s Ex: lack of protein over a period of time: stunted growth, swelling of face, discolouration of hair, skin diseases and diarrhoea Prevention of deficiency diseases : take a balanced diet