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Chapter 1 & 2: Online NCERT Summary Class - VI (Science) for UPSC CSE

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Roman Saini

The major topics which one will come across in this particular lesson are comprehensively from Class 6 Science NCERT. Initially, he breaks your misconception of ignoring this subject for various civil services examination by highlighting the significance of NCERT in points. Then he shifts his entire focus on explaining the major extracts from class 6 Science NCERT chapter 1 and 2. He speaks about the food, its sources, and components, where you'll come across topics such as Food variety, Nutrients, Dietary fibers, water, balance diet, and much more. Lastly, he has explained the basic diet chart where you'll learn about various vitamins, disorders if you have the deficiency, symptoms if you have that deficiency and finally the sources to gain those vitamins. ​

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