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Chapter 11 & 12: Online NCERT Summary Class - VI (Science) for UPSC CSE

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Roman Saini

This lesson covers the topics related to Light, Shadows and Reflections from chapter 11 and 12 of class 6 Science NCERT. Some important concepts summary which one will be coming across in this lesson are, Luminous objects, visibility, transparent, opaque, translucent, Shadow, pinhole camera, and natural pinhole. Roman has also briefed about Reflection, and Periscope with appropriate illustrations. He shifts his focus next on explaining the concepts dealt in perception with Electricity and Circuits. Here one will learn the basics definitions and brief about Electricity, Electric cell, and Electric bulb. He also speaks about the invention and inventor of the electric bulb and then explains fundamental concepts pertaining to electronic circuits. Here, one will know about conductors, insulator, switch, closed electric circuit and much more. ​

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