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Overview of Course (in Hindi)
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In this lesson Nisha Mittal will provide detail of the Course related to propositional logic of discrete structure .

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Nisha Mittal
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8/10 i think ye unacademy ka sabse easy wala level tha BTW sir plzzzzzzz explaind what is tailor made properties
thanks man your teaching method is very nice
mam, I dont know hindi, if it is in english option available ?
hi i want to talk with u mam
Thank you mam...mam if u can give some more exercise related to this topic them it will be very beneficial.
nice explanation. thanku mam
  1. Propositional Logic

  2. Propositional Logic Sentences are combined by connectives Inference Rules and Laws Literal .Propositional Logic Multiple choice Questions

  3. Propositional Logic sentences are combined by connectives: A...and V...or [conjunction] [disjunction] ..implies [implication/ conditional] equivalent [b.conditional] -...not [negation] Literal: atomic sentence or negated atomic sentence

  4. Propositional Logic P means "It is hot." . Q means "It is humid." R means "It is raining. (PAQ) R IF IT IS HOT AND HUMID, THEN IT IS RAINING" "If it is humid, then it is hot"