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Overview of Course : Atomic Structure ( in Hindi)
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In this video, Anirudh Walia discussed the overview of course. Topics covered in this course : Dalton Atomic Theory, discovery of fundamental particles, atomic models, electromagnetic radiation, dual nature of light, photoelectric effect, Heisenberg principle, De Broglie wavelength, quantum number, electronic configuration.

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Anirudh Walia
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Unacademy user
Nikhil Sharma
a month ago
Thanks manisha
in this chapter u didn't tell us about schrodinger equation
You are my god sir, I daily watch your video I love you sir
Anirudh Walia
4 months ago
God bless you dear. Keep studying and sharing videos with your friends. Rate and review the course.
sir 11,.and. 12 ka course 2019 tak khatm karne ki kosis kariyega , it's a.request
Anirudh Walia
8 months ago
Bilkul dear sab padha dunga. Tension na kro. we are always with you
Ankur Ankur
8 months ago
thankyou sir
Ankur Ankur
8 months ago
thankyou sir
Anirudh Walia
8 months ago
Dear don't forget to rate and review the course.
Sir mujhe ek question puchna tha how will be calculated nodel plans of benzene
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