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Overview, Introduction and String of Experiments (in Hindi)
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The lesson focus on introducing you to the course and giving you an overview of the course along with the astringent of experiments which led to the development of Optics.

Tamanna Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tamanna Chaudhary
नमस्ते 🙏 The Newton's apple. 🍎 You're one educator away from loving Physics.📚 Follow to never miss an update.

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question paper idea super.. sir oru question daily paranjal mathi , anganeaa akkumpol athu nokkan ichiri kudi interest aakum... tnqqqq sir🙏🙏🙏
thank u mam is this content sufficient for neet? if yes then plz reply
Yes Sameera, it is going to be absolutely sufficient for NEET.
Sameera shakil
a year ago
again thank u so much mam❤
It's my pleasure 😊
Vineet Sisle
6 months ago
please lemme know if you have any lectures on Waves and Oscillation
Sankeerth reddy
6 months ago
Mam is this sufficient for jee
best lactuters mam mam please also included some triks in it
ya optical instrument ka b video bano
yes mam plz make the video on optical instruments ..plz mam
maam this chapter bas been added in class 11syllbus of physis....... Will this much suffice for class 11 ?
It is Class 12 Chapter- Ray optics:)
  1. Ray optics By-Tamanna Chaudhary Overview, Introduction and String of experiments

  2. Overview of the course- 1. String of scientists 2. Laws of reflection and sign conventions 3. Location, size and nature of image formed by spherical mirrors 4. Mirror equation and magnification 5. Very important concepts related to spherical mirros 6. Uses of spherical mirrors 7. Marginal and paraxial rays 8. Snell law 9. Characteristics of refractive index 10. Refraction through a glass slab

  3. Overview of the course- 11. Image due to refraction at plane surface 12. Important problems on real and apparent depth. 13. Critical angle 14. Total internal reflection 15. Fibre optics in telecommunication 16. Endoscopic and arthroscopic surgery 17. Important concepts related to total internal reflection 18. Refraction at spherical surfaces 19. Refraction by lenses 20. Lens maker's formula

  4. Overview of the course 21. Image formed by concave and convex lens 22. Combination of thin lenses in contact and separated by a certain distance. 23. Power of lens 24. Combinations of lens and mirror 25. Defect of images 26. Refraction through a prism 27. Minimum deviation through a prism and small angled prism 28. Dispersion by a prism 29. Dispersion without deviation and deviation without dispersion 30. Rainbow and scattering of light

  5. String ot experiments a) Issac Neuton: ught is madle up of ny partfcles Cb) ChfistP'on Huyens: Oghtis made up of wa Bghtis made up o wa ves, vibratinq up and down 1 to the dtrecion of propagation of Rant homas louna : Studfed Interference of light waves d) Augusfn Frenel: Supported Young's experfment with mathemattcal calculatkons e) Hax Plank Proposed the ex?stence of ght quanta Albert Ensteln: sad tht UPght9s made up of photons and each photon has energy