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Otto Cycle in SI Engines (in Hindi)
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Description of otto cycle

Shivam Gupta
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sir 2nd 3rd questions me doubt h concept method se solution btaiye plzzz
6 months ago
I have the same doubt
sir ham jo t3_t2 tha use t2_t3 nahi ho sakata
volume increases Kar ke bole ,sir.
  1. SISCIENGINES By: shivam qupta

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  3. Otto Cycle : (Constant volume cycle) V- constant 3 iabat 4 tic V constant 'Swept volume Clearance volume

  4. Otto cycle processes: P 1-2 Reversible Adiabatic or isentropic compression P 2-3 Constant volume heat addition P 3-4 Reversible Adiabatic or isentropic compression P:4-1 : constant volume heat rejection Adi 'Swept volume Clearance volume

  5. Air standard efficiency of Otto cycle : Qr output 2Wnet Qs-0r input Now we know that Qs mCv(T3-T2)

  6. m C v (T3 T2) 1- (T4-T1) (T3 T2) 7 T4 T1 4 T3 V constant T 2 For Adiabatic process 1-2 vY-1 constant

  7. 1-1 T1 V2 Ad and from adiabatic process 3-4 T3 V4 Clearance Swept volume volume Thus from above equations T2 T3 con T1 T4 4 T4 T3 V consta T1 T2

  8. T1 ( T4- T1 T3 T2 (- 73) T2 T1 T2 T1 T2 ; Efficiency of Otto cycle - , -1

  9. _1 Air standard efficiency of Otto Cycle .As compression ratio increases the efficiency of the Otto cycle increases. Limit of compression ratio is subjected to knocking phenomenon in SI engine. If compression ration become 1 then efficiency will be 0 "zero". .