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Engine Introduction (in Hindi)
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This lesson is all about the introduction of engine

Shivam Gupta
YouTuber : 3 times GATE qualified🏆 : ESE written qualified : PSU's qualified : Mechanical lover 🏅: musician : model : all Rounder 🥇

Unacademy user
sir how we can make notes of it
sir I have question which is of knocking . with increase of load in CI engine what will happen to knocking whether it will increase or decrease
Shivam Gupta
9 months ago
Dear Suraj with increasing the load the detonation will increase in CI engine.
  1. SISCIENGINES By: shivam qupta

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  3. Energy 1 Energy 2 Engine is a device which converts one form of energy into other useful form. Ex:- Heat engine

  4. Heat Engine Chemical energy- Heat energy - - Mechanical energy In Heat Engine, chemical energy of the fuel is converted into heat energy & subsequently this heat energy is converted into useful form of mechanical energy. i.e. (Power)


  6. ENGINE In an External combustion engine, the products of the combustion transfer the heat to working fluid, through the engine wall or a heat exchanger whereas in Internal combustion engine the products of combustion produces the power directly in the same cylinder.

  7. Advantages of IC Engine over EC Engine :- Mechanical simplicity . Low initial cost (boiler absent) . Lower weight to power ratio . Higher efficiency

  8. IC ENGINE: Spark ignition engine :- SI Engine Compression ignition engine :- CI Engine 5*

  9. Spark plug or fuel injector Engine nomenclature :- Valve Top ead center Clearance volume Bore Cylinder wall Stroke Bottom dead center Piston Reciprocating motion Crank mechanism Rotary motion