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2 Stroke Engine (in Hindi)
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Description of 2 stroke engine working

Shivam Gupta
YouTuber : 3 times GATE qualified🏆 : ESE written qualified : PSU's qualified : Mechanical lover 🏅: musician : model : all Rounder 🥇

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Valve timing diagram samja o ge sir
Sir last comparison was wrong .... You said 4-stroke engine was simple and easy manufacturing... But actually sir 2-stroke engine is lighter and simple construction then 4-stroke engine.
in two stroke engine if inlet valve is closed at first than how charge is available inside the cylinder
Gaurav Kaushik
7 months ago
Firstly there are no valves used in 2 stroke in engine and there is a lot of charge is present below the volume of the piston which is get transfers through transfer port , please,see the diagram carefully.
sir power kisme jada generate hoti hai
Shivam Gupta
9 months ago
Keep learning 😊
Abad Mech
9 months ago
okk sir
  1. SISCIENGINES By: shivam qupta

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  3. 2 Stroke Engines

  4. 2 Stroke engine working cycles : current spark exhaust gases exhaust port petrol-air ransfer mixture port nlet por crankshaft

  5. 2 Stroke engine & 4 Stroke engine: Exhaust valve Inlet valve Injector Glowplug exhaust gases exhaust port Piston Crankshaft Direction of rotation 1. Induction stroke 2 Stroke engine 4 Stroke engine

  6. Suction Stroke & Compression Stroke exhaust gases exhaust port anster port

  7. Expansion Stroke & Exhaust stroke current spark etrol-a mixture nlet crankshaft

  8. 4 -Stroke Engine 2 -Stroke Engine er heavier engine. For the same pow is required. More Volumetric efficiency More thermal efficiency For the same power lighter engine is . required. . less Volumetric efficiency less thermal efficiency Ex : scooters, mopeds , ships Ex: motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks, aeroplanes, power generators.

  9. 4 -Stroke Engine 2 Stroke Engine Less toxic exhaust emissions Very high and toxic exhaust . . emissions 720 degree crank revolution 360 degree crank revolution. . Simple and easy manufacturing Complex and tough manufacturing . .

  10. Ask your dloubts here.