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Numerical problems on otto cycle
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Numerical problems on otto cycle

Shivam Gupta
YouTuber : 3 times GATE qualified🏆 : ESE written qualified : PSU's qualified : Mechanical lover 🏅: musician : model : all Rounder 🥇

Unacademy user
sir at 12:08 could you give clear idea how you wrote v1 prime and v2 prime plz reply as soon as possible sir
Shivam Gupta
9 months ago
Shaik you just have to take the V2 as the common from the Numerator and denominator then you will get the ratio. I hope it is clear to you now..😊
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  3. Numerical problems on OTTO CYCLE

  4. Q1 :- An air standard Otto cycle has a compression ratio of 8.5. If Y- 1.4 then find the air standard efficiency. 0 4 = 51.5; attro

  5. Q2:- For an engine operating on air standard Otto cycle, the clearance volume is 10% of the swept volume. Then the air standard efficiency is ? the Y-

  6. Q3 :- an engine working on air standard Otto cycle ; the compression ratio is 5.5, the work output per cycle is 23.625*10*5 Vc Joules.Where Vc clearance volume in m3. then find the mean effective pressure in bar..?? Sol: YS 2 2

  7. Q4 :- An engine working on air standard Otto cycle has cylinder bore of 10cm & engine stroke of 15cm. If the clearance volume is 196.3 cm3 and heat supplied is 1800 kj per kg then find the work output...???? 196- 3 /86D

  8. Q5:- An engine working on air standard Otto cycle, the pressure inside the cylinder at 30% & 70% of compression stroke is equal to 1 . 33bar & 2.66 bar respectively. Assuming that the compression follows PV 1.33 constant. Then find the compression ratio....??? 4-33 2 2 33 (2) 33

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