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Numericals on Otto Cycle
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In this unit, problems on otto cycle are discussed. This lesson guides you to gain better acquaintance on the theoretical part which you have learnt on otto cycle ​and also it provides the fair idea on how to approach them​.

Harshit Aggarwal
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1. Antony and Cleopatra 2) Caeser’s assassination (Et tu Brute) 3. Kaniskha’s gold coins ,Left one is Kanishka himself, Right one shows Buddha (Boddo)
At this rate, Anand, you should teach a course as well! :)
Anand Utsav
3 years ago
Haha, you are already doing a great job! I should sit back and enjoy your course for now ;)
i just want to ask a question for a otto cycle at the 1/8th of stroke length pressure is 1.5 bar and at the stroke length of 7/8 pressure is 15 bar then to find efficiency of otto cycle taking gamma (Y) 1.4
question selection is really good
sir plz two stroke and four stroke ki bhi video daal dijiye
can you come up with tutorials.may be after a week put a video on solutions
  1. Course:Understanding the Basics of I C Lesson 3 Numericals on Otto Cycle Presented by : Harshit Aggarwal Engine

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  3. NUMERICAL 1 . An ideal air standard Otto cycle has a compression ratio of 8.5. If Y = 1 .4 then find efficiency? 8.5

  4. NUMERICAL 2 . For an engine operating on air standard Otto Cycle the clearance volume is 10% --. Take Y = 1-4 of swept volume. Then the efficiency is O.1 14-1

  5. NUMERICAL 3 . In an engine working on Ideal Otto Cycle the compression ratio is 5.5. The work output/cycle is 23.625 x 10 5 Vc Joule where Vc Clearance Volume in m3. Find M.E.P in bar. 4.5 m. e.p. =5.25 bar

  6. NUMERICAL 4 . An engine working on air standard Otto cycle has a cylinder diameter of 10cm and stroke length of 15cm. If the clearance volume is 196.3 cm3 and heat supply = 1 800 kJ/kg, then find work output. 4 DL Vc = 0.5408 wnet= 973 kJ