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Numericals on Diesel Cycle
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In this lesson, educator solves problems pertaining to diesel cycle. This lesson will help you gain more proficiency on the theoretical concepts which were discussed earlier on diesel cycles. He explains each single step while solving the problem and elaborates each concept associated with it. ​

Harshit Aggarwal
Cleared UPSC ESE twice with Rank 63 and 90 in mechanical engg. Got 99 percentile in GATE. Cracked ONGC, BHEL,ISRO, SAIL, GAIL successfully

Unacademy user
sir please reply, why are you taken stroke volume (Vs)=(V1-V2) ???
sir. Clarence volume ko hi stroke volume bolten hain kya?
Vijay Solanki
a year ago
Both are different
sir why u taken stroke volume=v1-v2 in 2nd numerical in deciel cycle
Can i have some problems that may appear in exam?
please upload theory based on detonation-knocking,test method,cetane no. etc..
Harshit Aggarwal
3 years ago
Pradeep Gusain
3 years ago
thnks to encouraging us -sir
Vandana kumari
3 years ago
Sir, please make lessons on Material Science also, it would really be helpful.
Sir, there are no. of lecture series available on core engineering subjects & Maths like NPTEL etc. I request u to make lectures on the new pre syllabus of IES like projects management etc only those which are new subjects added...thnks
Surendra kumar
3 years ago
Dear rishabh, where to read/watch subject like: STANDARD IN QUALITY,ENGINEERING ETHICS,ENGG.DRAWING...etc..
Thts what I have requested from from harshit aggarwal. Those lectures are not available anywhere. but if u wanna read u can consult new MADE EASY GS books in 2 volumes.
Surendra kumar
3 years ago
thank you rishabh
Vidula Patil
3 years ago
HELLO!! Iam an extc engineer and i want to give this exam from same branch? Can u help me out?
Shivam Gour
2 years ago
Sir, please make lesson on welding also.
Praveen Kumar
2 years ago
Hello Sir, Please make MCQ on GATE exam as well as IES
Shaantanu Roy
2 years ago
Thank you are doing great job by helping us Since we are unable to afford coaching....Its my kind request to you sir to upload lecture on TOM.....
Rizu Banerjee
2 years ago
I am starting my preparation 10th of August 2017, already enrolled myself in coaching, is this time enough for GATE 18? PS: I am an ECE final year student applying for GATE CSE
  1. Course:Understanding the Basics of I C Engine Lesson 5 Numericals on Diesel Cycle Presented by : Harshit Aggarwal

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  3. NUMERICAL 1 A Diesel Cycle has a compression ratio of 20 and cut-off volume is 5% of stroke volume. Find air standard n . Sol 20

  4. NUMERICAL 2 . An engine working on Diesel Cycle has a pressure and temperature of 1 bar and 17 degree Celsius at the beginning of compression. The pressure at the end of compression is 35 bar. The expansion ratio is 5. Calculate heat addition, heat rejection and efficiency of cycle. Take Cp = 1.004 kJ/kg-K. C,-07 1 7 kJ/kg-K. Y = 1.4. Sol: P- 35 bar V. 1-2: AdiabaHe Process Pv constant v,-( ) (35) = 12-67

  5. 12-67 = 45 Sue= 2.534 c2.53 I C12.1)CL2.s34T = .5488 = 54.88 %

  6. 4-1230. 21k 230.21 k3/k2 T, ": 2.53 T, = 2a 26 . 17-53