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Diesel Cycle: Detailed outline and Derivation of its Efficiency
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In this lesson, you'll find comprehensive information on diesel cycle. The four processes involved in diesel cycle are explained with the help of PV and TS diagram. Important terms pertaining to diesel cycle are elaborated. Also, you'll learn how to derive air standard efficiency of diesel cycle with step by step explanation. Lastly, you'll also learn the effects of variation of cut- off ratio on efficiency.

Harshit Aggarwal
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a good revision sir need some more tricky question sir. thanks a lot
Heat Rejection at Constant rate in Last slide ?
thanks , sir , kindly add mean pressure on otto and diesel
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  1. Course:Understanding the Basics of I C Engine Lesson 4 Diesel Cycle Presented by : Harshit Aggarwal

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  3. DIESEL CYCLE (CONSTANT PRESSURE CYCLE) 1-2: Reversible Adiabatic Compression 3-4 Reversible Adiabafic Expansion 2-3: Constant Pressure Heat Addition 4-1: Constant Volume Heat Rejection Qs 3

  4. IMPORTANT TERMS Compression Ratior vi/ v2 . Cut-off Volume =v3-v2 Cut-off Ratio re It is the ratio of the volume after heat addition to the volume before heat addition.rc Va V2 . Expansion Ratio re It is the ratio of volume V. V after expansion to the volume before expansion. =v,


  6. 0-I Efficienu of diese cle depends on cutr-off sao L compressian sao.

  7. EFFECT OF VARIATION OF CUT-OFF RATIO ON EFFICIENCY Less slope more slop slope as . With increase in cut-off ratio, the heat rejection occurs at a constantrate because heat rejection occurs at constant volume and slope of constant volume lines is greater than slope of constant pressure lines. . With increase in cut-off ratio, efficiency decreases of a diesel cycle.