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Comparison on Otto and Diesel Cycle
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After coming across the otto cycle and diesel cycle, here, in this lesson Harshith elaborates comparison in between them. He explains in detail utilizing three illustrations with the help of ​TS diagram which will help you know how to find the efficient cycle among diesel and otto cycles.

Harshit Aggarwal
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sir in 2nd question why you have use ds = Cp ln(T2/T1) - R ln(P2/P1) instead of ds = n Cp ln(T2/T1) - R ln(P2/P1) i.e., why you not multipied the number of moles which is given in the question
confusing in compration of otto and diesel cycle on graph ..can you give a more detail explation on case 1 ...
ohh sorry..i understand it well..after watching again...thanks sir
once again an awesome course..thanks alot sir. u r the best educator regarding mechanical engineering in Unacademy.
add more lessons ???
thanks sir , add the subject topic as below student asked ....
  1. Understanding the Basics of I C Engine Course: Lesson 6 Comparison of Otto & Diesel Cycle Presented by : Harshit Aggarwal

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  3. COMPARISON OF OTTO AND DIESEL CYCLE . CASE 1: Same compression ratio and heat addition CaseL: 3 1-2-3-4 Cotte -Mare.. rejection -2-3-4CDiese in diesel . For the same compression ratio and heat addition , heat rejection is more in diesel cycle. Hence, its efficiency is less than Otto Cycle

  4. . CASE 2: Same compression ratio and heat rejection Case 2: t=-as 1-2-3-4 Cotta 1-2-3-Diese) Excess addition in Otte Gyele 2. .For the same compression ratio and heat rejection, heat supply is more in Otto Cycle. Hence, its efficiency is more.

  5. CASE 3: Same maximum temperature and heat rejection. Case 3: excess hear addition in Diesel Cyele -- %- same 1-2-3-4 Cotto 1-23-4 CDiese Jp . For the same maximum temperature and heat rejection, heat supply is more in Diesel Cycle. Hence, its efficiency is more than Otto Cycle.