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Nuclear shell model
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Nuclear shell model part1

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  1. Nuclear shell model

  2. ATOMIC MODEL : a quick Recap Adduss of an electuen -Qubitals-Shells Dxtuemined by the va xuincibal Quantum No.%) and 1 h'sobitalamqulau momentum).ex- Is, 25,2p Degrar d occapancy of these shells detuwmines e atom Val ence Eleduoms Concept ITnentnws [2,10, 18, 36, 54. 86 e-7

  3. 2s orbital Nucleus 2p orbitals 1s orbital 3s orbital

  4. NUC LEAR SHELL MODEL +Development-German Scientist 30 (C Mavia G0 Awaxded soith Nobel pize in 1963. What's lead lo SHELL MODEL? Already studied-liquid Dub Model Hypothesis used by Eaelix Nuclear "Entveactiem bw nucleems Hypothesis (Shell Model

  5. W/hat is SHELL MODEL? n this mode!, each nucleon As asbumed to states Also called independent, adica Modul Beaus various similarities tothe Shell model of Elactuons.

  6. 2da/2 4 1/2 3s 19 1f 1f7/2 828 1d3/2 4 20 81/2 2 5/2 ld 1p1/2 28 1p312 1p ls /2 2|2 4286 126 426 315 3175 ds gd 23-2 91-53 12 12.12 121 2 2 1 1

  7. Nuclear energy levels including Coulomb forces

  8. SHELL MODEL A DIFFERENT APPROACH Shell dinvumce b/w Liquid d40 Model mode Liquid duob Modul-Nucleons collides with each othur 7 But Shell modes suagests That collisions hou ovu u 6u09 will only take blae mew qua-ntum stales REASON 62 colision No QUANTUM No COLLISION STATES

  9. EXPERI MENT RESULTS explamed on the ba6is of Shell Modej o) Nudei tends to haue mone muutuens than buotons (2) Nuda with euam no of Zamd N avu moke stable

  10. UNDERSTAN DING The Resufts Plols 0) Eledtric Quadupole Moment Nucde (2) Relatiua Abumdamce Shows puxiodic humps at 2. 8, 20,28,50, 82 amd 126 "MAGIlC NUMBERG"

  11. 0.3 Quadrupole measurements for odd-A nuclei. The horizontal axis is either neutron number or proton number, whichever is odd. 0.2 For a shell model, those nuclei with closed shells should be spherically symmetric and have no quadrupole moment. 1 0.1 0.0 8l128 82 126 20 40 60 80 100 120 140