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Nuclear fusion
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Nuclear fusion

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  2. Nuclear fusion

  3. NUCLEAR means the process which involves Nucleus FUSION means two or more mties coming together or mergin together to form one single entity. NUCEAR FUSION Fusion or Combination of Nuclei.

  4. NUCLEAR FUSION Nuclear Fusion can be defined as a nuclear reaction, in which lighter nuclei are combined together to form heavier product nuclei with the release of enormous amount of energy

  5. BE re 2 2. lunm Heli ure

  6. BE 2 2Mev Total 10MeV 8 Mev He 28 Mev (28-10)

  7. NUCLEAR FUSION OF HYDROGEN NUCLEUS 4 He + 23 e +2ov + Q (energy) 4, H (Hydrogen) (Heavier helium)

  8. MASS OF MASS OF Heavier Nucleus Initial reacting nuclei

  9. Calculating the loss of mass during nuclear fusion: NUCLEAR FUSION OF HYDROGEN NUCLEUS 4: H-2 He + 2 + 20 v + Q (energy) (Hydrogen (Heavier helium) The starting mass of four protons = 4 x 1.0078 = 4.0312 amu The final mass of Helium nucleus = 4.002604-2 X me = 4.001506 amu. (Where me is mass of electron) .. Loss of mass4.0312 4.001506 0.0297 amu. Energy Q(0.0297amu) X 931.5 MeV/amu27.67 MeV.