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Nuclear reactions
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Nuclear reactions, examples of nuclear reactions and factors influencing nuclear reactions

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  2. NOCLEAR REACTIONS What i6"Nuclea Reaction? The eaction un which the mucleus callud Nuclean Reactien a. Analogous to Chemical Reaction But nulus Nuclus 4 Neuthiom/ Protons Changes the identit ofmu nucleus 235t m 0 45 Ho 0 SA

  3. Exompls u) Whn tuo nuclei come dase togeue a muo mucle (u) The uactians occuximg um muclean ucng electuic How does tuo mucleus (tvely chaxge intuxact in nudean uaction

  4. NOCLEAR REACTION IN LABS Bombaxing target nuclei with mall high emunq How the pantictu haw high mngies2 Famous -PARTICLE EXPERIMENT Man nucleau Reactions inualuus Auo sporate stages

  5. Nucleas Reactions 1)Intucactiom between Heauy nucles mtucactim betwem Heamy bombarded article Formation of Compeumd mucleus FACTORS AFFECTING) NUCLEAR REACTIONG d) CHOSS Section (2) Reactiom Rate

  6. 13 13 13 14 12 10B+ 4 Fig. 12.16 Six nuclear reactions whose product is the com- pound nucleus N* and four ways in which 4N* can decay if its excitation energy is 12 meV. Other decay modes are possible if the excitation energy is greater, fewer are possible if this energy is less. In addition, 1N* can simply lose its excitation energy by emitting one or more gamma rays.

  7. Nuclear Cross Section To characterize the probability that a certain nuclear reaction will take place, it is customary to define an effective size of the nucleus for that reaction, called a cross section. The cross section is defined bv cross section Inumber of incident particles per unit time per unit area. Rnumber of reactions per unit time per nucleus The cross section has the units of area and is on the order of the square of the nuclear radius. A commonly used unit is the barn: 1 barn = 10-28 m2

  8. n atoms/m Area A N incident particles N-dN Particle emerge from slab cross section/atom dx 12.14 The relationship between cross section and beam intensity.

  9. Reaction Ratev Whim soe kmow the ovass- section Reaction Rafe-AN A1

  10. The Q-value The Q value of the nucear maction At B CtD 70

  11. Slow-moving particle 44+4+ Fast-moving particle New element