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Nuclear fission
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Nuclear fission - mechanism Nuclear fission in uranium

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  2. NUCLEAR FISSION into tun equal He nuc Stautimg The Beqinnin axded The wrems om the prusm nuucleus- to dis co uie mu mu

  3. NUCLEAR FISSION A nuclear process in which a heavy nucleus, when bombarded with neutrons, splits in to two nuclei of nearly equal mass with the release of enormous amount of energy is called NLICLEAR FISSION

  4. Trams wrcamic Elements 235 When they junadited nudnen en 2gu 235 23 138 92 50 Umduus umding the Nucleax Fission l BE 56 Fe 240

  5. BE 56 Fe 94 2410 BE Cusue We knouw A -A tA2.

  6. SA 240 = 216MeV

  7. Min A which will undvgo Nocleau Fission A"3 (AIN s 16.4 Mev Q 0.72 Mev Av lo0

  8. Undoutamdimg onthe basis of Liquid Daob Mode! When a liquid duob excites-it 0scillates Changes shafe-nestou nghe Noder exhibits sulace tension Subjected to dsui ence duto murtual supulsiom

  9. Time Fig. 12.19 The oscillations of a liquid drop. Fig. 12.20 Nuclear fission according to the liquid-drop model

  10. 235 NUGLEAR FISSION IN URANIUM 42. 0 92 36 200 Mev No puaim q2 56136 12 No muuton 236 t 2 233 fission frag munt CHAIN REACTIONS

  11. 235U (URANIUM) The breakup of 23SU nucleus in to two parts results in the release of 40 to 50 times (200 Mev) energy.