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Alpha decay
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All about alpha decay

Science freak and a keen observer . I admires physics and planes. I race untill I win !

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  2. aisha decoy To study- (i) What is a n dba dick? ) Alpha, decay (i) Lut) Nucleus undergoing d-dec ui) Nucleus undenoing a decy -ti disintegratien (q) Tummel di) Results f Appications

  3. What is Albhe Paxtiche Helium! Nucleus -Zbaton 2 neutro Notation - 0K 2 Alpha Decau Whe a nslable muclide chome to stabli muclide by mitting am A-4 2 Z-2

  4. alpha particle 226 He 2 86

  5. 42 42 42 16 31 77 39 90 528 58 29 46 28 42 42 Udhtp 32 G 39 94 20 58 7 46 39 77 39

  6. it is the most dmnmantys entonious Which nuclei undugous ot-decou ? Heaviin nuclei- ange A Nuclei above Bismuth example 2l8 Rn 8% 2 Radon Polomian tida

  7. (Number of Neutrons) 126 82 Type of Decay 50 Fission Proton Neutron Stable Nuclide Unknown 28 14 6 14 28 50 82 (Number of Protons)

  8. Comcebt of DisimtegKation Reaems Vay High BE sum Enuegy emsiduxatiens t He t Z-2 2 dis inteqmatien

  9. QAThe Kinetic munou shaked betoesm the clanghtm wuclei the d-particle He 2 Z. A-4 2-2

  10. Kinetic Energyg( autide we can calculate, the share ofthe 2M4 2M

  11. A 200 KE 9C1-) 200 9(49 50 G2987. 9-5Mev) Range emegg d-partid

  12. Energy Energy Alpha particle cannot escape (classically) Potential energy of alpha particle Wave function of alpha particle Alpha particle cannot enter (classically) Kinetic energy of alpha particle Ro Ro Fig. 12.8 (a) In classical physics, an alpha particle whose kinetic energy is less than the height of the potential barrier around a nucleus cannot or leave the nucleus, whose radius is Ro" (b) In quantum physics, such an alpha par- ticle can tunnel through the potential barrier with a probability that decreases with the height and thickness of the barrier