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Motions of the Earth (in Hindi)
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In this lesson I have mentioned about the two types of motions of Earth- Rotation and Revolution . I have given all the relevant details regrading these two motions. I have also discussed in great detail about how change in seasons take place with the help of a diagram. The two key concepts - solstices and Equinox are also discussed.

Arpita Prakash
Started NCERTs series at Unacademy BA and MA in History, B.Ed Cleared CTET- holds CBSE 0.1% Merit Certificate PASSIONATE about teaching !

Unacademy user
But if they were not related to mahabharat, then why were these Raths named after the characters of mahabharat mam?
Vinita Devi
7 months ago
Just because they are Hindu temples and there are some fascination about Ramayana and Mahabharata.
u really similar to my elder sis....when u teach it feels like my sis herself teaching me...reading geography is like walking in any's been possible only because of u....may god bless u n protect u from everything
Arpita Prakash
9 months ago
Thankyou so much.this made my day ..stay blessed :)
I have become ur fan... every thing u teach is getting easy day by day ; thank u so much ma'am.. ncert is much needed and ur notes r soooooooooooo good ????????
Arpita Prakash
2 years ago
Thnku so much :)
mam equinox mai confusion h ,,AGR days n nights equal h n drct rays kahi par BH nh pad rh h to northern mai spring n southern hemisphere mai autumn kaise a jyega ??? confusion h plz dbra ek chota lecture is portion k lye dbra bnaye
great work ... far far far far better than munal lecture
Arpita Prakash
a year ago
Thankyou :)
mam next leap year in 2020.if year/4==0 remendr then that year is leap year.that means if any year filly devided by 4 then leap year
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