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Major Landforms of the Earth (in Hindi)
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In this lesson I have discussed about some of the key terminologies like topography, geomorphology, weathering , erosion and deposition .The lesson also covers the factors responsible for the formation of landforms. There is detailed description of three of the major landforms present on earth - mountains and it's types, plateaus and plains ..along with importance of each landform.

Arpita Prakash
YouTuber NCERTs series initiator at Unacademy 'Educator of the Month' for Feb'19 CBSE 0.1% Merit Certificate holder in Mathematics

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India is the 3rd largest producer and consumer of electricity in the world with around 1500 TWh in he year 2017-18. Despite that the per capita consumption is low, compared to other countries. The electricity sector is dominated by fossil fuels with coal producing 3/4th of all electricity. The government is pushing for an increased investment in renewable energy. The draft Electricity (Amendment )Act 2018 aims to bring accountability in the market and to bring large renewable capacities. However there are certain challenges which needs to be considered as the electricity sector is still facing several other issues. 1- Many households, approximately 39 million, have no access to electricity and those who have, many find them unreliable. 2- Cross subsidization has led to large debts in the government's treasure. It is the practice of charging higher prices to one group of consumers to subsidise lower prices to another group. The act makes this practice to end in some years but then the poor people will suffer even more. 3 - Right quality of coal supply is low and it's insufficient to feed the power plants. 4- Ensuring availability of renewable energy, land acquisition, environmental issues and need of skilled manpower are some of the challenges in implementing the plans. The draft has the capacity to improve the sector. Creating transparency by ensuring the requirement of licence to all electricity suppliers in work in an area, encouraging green energy, penalties for violation of purchase power agreements. However implementation remains the biggest concern. Electricity is the heart of the industrial sector and is important for everyone. With proper utilisation of provisions of this act can bring positive consequences in the country.
Ashish Singh
7 months ago
Superb 😊
Ashish Singh
7 months ago
Aman Kumar
7 months ago
Thank you sir. Just one question, is it possible to get 10/10?
Hey!! Do you know something? You are awesome. :)
mam can you clarify which one is longest mountain range including under water MID OCEAN RIDGE OR MID ATLANTIC RIDGE ?? whether later one is part of it...
Narmada and Godavari are west flowing rivers
Abhijeet Mohite
a year ago
Narmada and tapti are west folwing rivers
Vitthal DEVALI
a year ago
Thank you Abhijeet..
ma'am is the plateau is a form of block mountain? please answer....
very helpful for clear basic concepts.
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