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Most Expected Mcq - Computer Part 7
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This lesson will help the students to understand the basics of high level and low level languages.

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Talvir Singh
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plz mam make some vdoes on hindi essay and letter writing..
Shigufa Sultana
2 years ago
okay krishna.. i will
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2 years ago Check out this course on SSC descriptive paper.
Sir June 2019 lai vi computer da video pa do g
thank u so much sir.. plz provide us di and logical reasoning vedios..... I m very thankful to u... sir... stay blessed.....
thank u so much sir Aapne net ka complete krwa diya Bs ek quary h Aapne almost sabhi subject K 100 mcq series bana Di with deatail so higher education ka bhi bana do
Best lecture sir Ji🙏
many many thanks sir....


  3. 1. Input/ Output devices(I/o) a. Communications between the user and the computer that results in transfer of data . b. Communication between hardware components that result in the transfer of data. * c. Both A and B . d. None of the above

  4. 2. Programming language * a. is a higher level language than machine code for writing programs. b. use a variety of basic English. . c. Both A and B . d. None of the above

  5. 3. High level languages ' a. are English type languages where a single statement may correspond to several instructions in machine language and human being can understand easily. * b. are also easier to learn and are not dependent on a particular type of computer. c. need interpreter or compiler to convert into low level language so that computer can understand. d. All the above

  6. .4. Application software . a. any computer program used to create or process data such as text documents, spreadsheets, graphic etc. . b. programs to operate only mouse functions c. a type of program designed to handle very small instruction sets. . d. None of the above

  7. 5. Assembler MEANS * a. is a computer program that converts assembly . b. developed by American National Standards . c. represent symbolic, numeric and d. All the above language instructions into machine language. Institute (ANSI) alphanumeric characters, voice