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Most Expected Mcq - Computer Part 5
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This lesson will help in understanding the basics of Computer and Information Teachnology.

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Ques 1. Ans . B URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the address that specifies the location of a resource on the Internet. Hyperlink(Hypertext) or simply a Link is "An element in an electronic document that links to another place in the same document or to an entirely different document
Hypertext is text which contains links to other texts. The term was coined by Ted Nelson around 1965 (see History ). HyperMedia is a term used forhypertext which is not constrained to be text: it can include graphics, video and sound , for example. Apparently Ted Nelson was the first to use this term too.
very useful video...thanx sir😊😊sir lecture 7 quest no 3 ka ans voice/speech recognizer hona chahiye!!!
thank you sir. ap Jo effort de rahe ho uske liye bohat bohat thanks. ek do vul to ho hi sakta hay.
sir current document kr related part pr pahuchne ke liye hyperlink ka use krte h na ki url ka Aur sir option b is correct but its not hypertext but hyperlink
Kumari Priya
a year ago
yes u r right...mujhe bhi ye wrong lga...lecture 7 ke quest 3 ka bhi ans wrong h


  3. 1. Online documents containing underlined phrases or icons that a user can click in order to move immediately to related parts of the current document or to other documents with related information is called * a) Hypermedia b) Hypertext c) HTML .d) URL ' e) FTP

  4. 2. The software that allows users to surf the Internet is called a/an : . a) Search Engine b) Internet Service Provider c) Multimedia Application . d) Browser e) Internet Surfing Provider

  5. 3. The computer's capability of distinguishing spoken words is called a) voice analysis . b) speech acknowledgement c) voice/Speech recognitiorn . d) speech interpretation e) vocalization

  6. devices convert human 4. understandable data and programs into a form that the computer can process. a) Printing . b) Output c) Solid state . d) Input . e) None of these

  7. 5. Which of the following must be contained in a URL? . a) A protocol identifier . b) The letters www. . c) The unique registered domain name . d) www. and the unique registered domain name e) None of these