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Most Expected Mcq - Computer Part 13
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5 most expected questions from ICT has been discussed in this lesson. This lesson will help the student to understand the basics of computer.

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5/5 all correct..concept clear...brilliant questions for clear doubt and concept
thanku sir very helpful vedio
Sir pls ..clear the doubt for ques 5th ..that's ryt ans is Registers. .
Sir. .ques 5 ka Registers ayega

  2. MCQ SERIES 13

  3. 1. A search engine is a program to search * a. for information b. web pages c. web pages for specified index terms d. web pages for information using specified search terms

  4. 2. Desirable properties of a website are (i)a meaningful address (ii)Help and search facilities i) Links to related sites (iv)Features to allow users to give feedback * A. i, ii, iii i, ii, iii, iv d. ii, iii, v

  5. 3. Which of the following is a database management tool developed by Microsoft? . A. dBase * B. Access C. Personal Oracle D. Sybase

  6. 4. A compiler translates a program written in a high-level language into (A) Machine language (B) An algorithm (C) A debugged program (D) Java

  7. 5. Which of the following is lowest in memory hierarchy? (A) Cache memory (B) Secondary memory (C) Registers (D) RAM (E) None of these