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Most Expected Mcq Computer Part 20
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This lesson contains 5 Questions from computer and information technology. These questions are very important from the point of view of UGC Net exam.

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Talvir Singh
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update the version of app
Sure. let me dp that.
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best wishes.
sir 3 wala bus topology hoga kyun ki apne hi youtube me bola tha ki ek single wire se connection wala bus topology hota hai
Sir the ans of Qs.3 is Bus. As ring topology uses separate cable between two nodes.
your course was a much awaited dependable piece! communication, ict, research aptitude, teaching aptitude, syllogism, these courses were really a master piece.what about other topics sir?
Thank uuu sooo mchh sir ... sir I'm so confused .. mje samajh nhi aa rha ki K.V.S. Madan ki book ek Hindi m h or ek English m .. is there any difference between these two books .. I know .only language is different there ...plzz tell me sir ..
sir..... i got 89/100 nice level of questions......its very helpful

  2. MCQ SERIES 20

  3. 1. What is the difference between a CD-ROM and a CD- 1) They are the same- just two different terms used 2) A CD-ROM can be written to and a CD-RW cannot RW? by different manufactures 3) A CD-RW can be written to but a CD-ROM can only be read from 4) A CD-Rom holds more in formation than a CD RW

  4. 2. BIOS stands for 1) Basic Input Output system 2) Binary Input output system 3) Basic Input Off system . 4) all the above

  5. 3. Network components are connected to the topology. same cable in the . 1) Star . 2) Ring . 3) Bus . 4) Meslh

  6. 4. Saving is the process . 1) To copy document from memory to storage . 2) To change the content of any document 3) To change the display or entire document . 4) To develop document by entering text using keyboard

  7. 5. The portion of the CPU that coordinates the activities of all the other computer components is the 1) Motherboard . 2) Coordination board 3) Control unit . 4) Arithmetic and logical unit