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Most Expected Mcq Computer Part 17
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In this lesson , five most expected multiple choice questions are discussed in details. All these questions are very much expected in the upcoming ugc net 2018 exam.

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tquu soooooo much sir very nice explaination 🙏 ur
thank u so much sir.....
in q3, why modifying is wrong?

  2. MCQ SERIES 17

  3. 1. A collection of related files is called " character field database Record . None of these

  4. Data Storage Hlierarchy Level oBit A sin gle binary digit (O or 1) Multiple related bits are combined to Level 1 Characterform a character (byte) Multiple related characters are combined to form a field Level 2 Field Multiple related fields are combined to form a record Level 3 Record Level 4 Multip le related records are combined to form a file File Level 5 Multiple related files are integrated to form a database Database

  5. 2. Storage that retains its data after the power is turned off is referred to volatile storage non-volatile storage sequential storage ' direct storage .None of these

  6. 3. Changing an existing document is called the document. creating editing modifying . adjusting None of these

  7. 4. Computers use innumber system to store data and perform calculations. . decimal * hexadecimal octal binary . None

  8. 5. Which of the following is the largest unit of storage? . GB . KB MB . TB . None of these