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More Varieties of Questions on Average (in Hindi)
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The penultimate lesson of the course delves into additional questions related to average, for example, a question related to with speed and distance. Dhiraj solves the last question using mixture and alligation, and explains how you can avoid committing errors by practicing them repeatedly.

Dhiraj Singh Chauhan
Income-tax Inspector, Cleared Assistant Commandant(SSB), From Saharanpur

Unacademy user
sir please refer some books for ancient ,medieval and modern history books
THANKS SIR, for uploading such a good videos and for clearing my concepts.

  2. ABOUT ME B.Sc.(Hons.) from BHU Varansi Income tax Inspector, 27th Rank in CGL 2015 . Tier 1-150/200 Tier 2-347/400 Interview-60/100 . Cracked CPO,CHSL,CDS,AFCAT, IB-ACIO etc Course Fee- Contribute . Follow me on at:

  3. CGL Mains 2014 (Similar question) O ll Aerage o f nd tieis d from eaeo Q-11. Average of 10 different numbers is 5. If all the numbers are multiplied by 5 and then 4 is decreased from each one. Find the new average. SOI-Average = S . Sol-Average = 55-4 = 21

  4. More hard Nuts Q,-12-Ram covered one third of a journey at 25 kmph, one fourth of it at 30 kmph and remaining distance at 50 kmph. Find the average speed during the whole journey.

  5. 3 Total Distanci Total time Average steed. 1200 km I 200 you Du 30- 500 3 0 u 25 3 0 =1200 36

  6. Using Mixture and Alligation Q-13-Average of marks obtained by 120 candidates in an exam is 35. if average marks of all successful candidates is 39 and average of all failure candidates is 15. find the number of successful candidates. Fail 15 .Sol- Pass 39 35 20 4 Ratio-L5 1-6