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Tricks to Solve Questions of Average


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Dhiraj Singh Chauhan

The course deals with another set of questions that constitutes a major part of Quantitative Aptitude. Throughout the lessons, Dhiraj has ensured that he helps you understand the basic concept of average (using simple examples) and some of the tricks you can use to solve the questions within 30 seconds. As you progress through the lessons, you would be taken through a list of different questions which have even appeared in the previous examinations. The emphasis is laid upon ensuring the concept takes precedence over method. The wide variety of questions and methodologies covered in the course makes it a must-watch for all aspirants (SSC CGLE, CPO, AFCAT, CDS, Railways etc.)



124 reviews

Poonam Barve

reviewed on Sep 22, 2016

Extremely helpful and all types of average questions are covered!

Raj Krishna

reviewed on Sep 20, 2016

I could orally solve Arun Sharma average questions (upto level 2) after your lecture..thanks a lot..

Ashish Kumar Rai

reviewed on Nov 12, 2016

Excellent !!! From Scatch to top. Concepts are taught in such a lucid way that No Coaching will teach you like this I guarantee... Thanks a ton Dhiraj sir stay blessed

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