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Concept of Average (in Hindi)
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Dhiraj begins the first lesson of the course with a really interesting example to help you understand the concept of average and how it distributes data equally. Followed by that, he solves two questions where he explains the logic behind calculating the correct average and the simpler steps you can use to be more accurate while saving a lot of your time.

Dhiraj Singh Chauhan
Income-tax Inspector, Cleared Assistant Commandant(SSB), From Saharanpur

Unacademy user
Sir please .....cds-2 2018 .......gk or current affairs ke liye latest important topic pe video banai ye Na...
very well explained. please continue. thank you sir
Sir see this question please ,ans mismatch... "The bowling average of a cricketer was 12.4 . He improves his bowling average by 0.2 points when he takes 5 wicket for 26 runs in his last match. The number of wickets taken by him before the last match was---(1) 125 (2) 150 (3)175 (4) 200
Subhra Singha
2 years ago
12.4*x + 26 = 12.2(x + 5) =>. x = 175
Subhra Singha
2 years ago
Is it clear?
Sir plzz solve this question by your tricky method..plzzz The average age of 30 boys in a class is 15 years. One boy aged 20 years left the class but two new boys came in his place whose age difference is 5 years. If the average age of all the boys now in the class become 15 years, then the age of the younger newcomer is —
Gaurav Kumar
3 years ago
15 yr?
Kunal Raj
3 years ago
There will be multiple answer for this question. The addition of the age of both the students should be equal to 35.
jabardast concept and nice explanation

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  3. Concept- Average Total Data / Number of data -Saif-10 Shahrukh-20 Total 9o Persuaded Salmaan bhai to come, Salmaan has 15o? -Now, total=240 So Average distributes the data equally over all members Aamir-6OR Average-30F Average-60

  4. How to apply? Q.1-The average age of 30 boys of a class is 14 years. When age of class teacher is included, average becomes 15 years. Find Age of teacher. Sol. If age of teacher was 14 years, average would remain same i.e. 14 years but average increased by 1 year. That means that teacher contributed l year to all 30+1-31 persons So age of teacher=14+31=45 years

  5. More clarity Q.2- In a class, average age of 24 boys and one teacher was 15 years. If age of teacher is removed, average remains 14. Find the age of teacher Sol.-Age of teacher = 15 + 24x1-39 years Average Age TOOK WITH HIM