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Alternate Approach to Questions on Average (in Hindi)
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Having covered varied kinds of questions on average, Dhiraj acquaints you with an alternate approach to solving questions. The two questions covered in this lesson are very important as similar questions have appeared in the examinations before.

Dhiraj Singh Chauhan
Income-tax Inspector, Cleared Assistant Commandant(SSB), From Saharanpur

Unacademy user
sir topic kha pr h jo aapne
Q 15 Solution : 50*x + 76 = 64(x -1) x = 10. This method is much more easier than checking each options.
Riyas ki
3 years ago
yes. this one is the easiest method than trying out each option
Bhaskarjyoti, can u elaborate me the formula u stated above
Ajay Tiwari
2 years ago
@maisnam nhi krega elaborate ????
Shailesh dimri
3 months ago
bt Bhai vo 64kidar see ayga (x-1)ke samny
Question no. 15 CGL-2015: Let the average price of 50 books be x rupees, so the total price of 50 books = 50x Now, since there is a decrease of rupees 1 in average price the average of 64 books will be (x-1) so the total price of 64 books is 64(x-1) now the extra amount he paid is the difference between the two total prices i.e.76 so 64(x-1)-50x=76. so x=10 (answer)
Raju Kumar
2 years ago
Hi Dhiraj.. Could you check this question , i wasn't getting the answer when i tried to solve it by the method you used for Q14. Q) The bowling average of a cricketer was 12.4. He improves his bowling average by 0.2points when he takes 5 wickets for 26 runs in his last match . The number of wickets taken by him before the last match was ? and one more question is , if the average bowling speed improves means , should we subtract or add that 0.2 to 12.4 ?
Vipin Deswal
3 years ago
175 wickets + 5 wickets in last match = 180 wickets in total
Albin Samuel
2 years ago
You will have to subtract 0.2 from 12.4 because here improvement means reduction in runs per wicket
185 -5 as asking (wickets taken by him before the last match )..equal to 180
in the last question if we go through the method than it will be ...... let total price of 50 book is X than total price of 50 book is 50X than 50+14=64 book price is 50X+76 and its avg is (50x+76)/64 now the avg is reduce to 1 ; means total avg of 64 book is (X-1) means (50X+76/64)=X-1 solve it and u get X=10 THANKS DHIRAJ SIR
thank you so much really you are doing great job ..

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  3. Using Mixture and Alligation Q-14-A bowler had an average of 24.85 runs per wicket. In last match, he took 5 wickets for 52 runs and his average decreased by 0.85. Find total number of wickets taken till last match.

  4. 24 85 5 2 2 3.6 Ratio 80 O 85 5

  5. Hard Nuts- CGL 2015 Tier 1 Q-15-A librarian purchased 50 story books for his library. But he saw that he would get 14 more books by spending rupees 76 more and Average price per book would be reduced by rupee 1. Find average price of each book he bought.(in rupees) (i)15 (ii)10 (iii)25 . (iv)20

  6. 750+76= 8 26 826 64 56, + 76 = S76 576