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Module 2 | Part 3 | The Discriminant vis a vis the nature of the roots.
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We observe how the values of the Discriminant affect the nature of the roots of a Quadratic Equation.

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  1. The Concept Series (TCS) Quantitative Aptitude CAT 2018 UNIT 2: Algebra MODULE 2: Quadratic Equations. Part 3: The Discriminant & Nature of the Roots. Anupam Mishra IIM Lucknow

  2. The Concept Series(TCS) UNIT 1: NUMBERS UNIT 4 GEOMETRY UNIT 2: ALGEBRA UNIT 3: ARITHMETIC UNIT 5: MODERN MATHS BUFFER UNIT 9 MODULES MENSURATION Module 1 Algebra Fundamentals & Linear Equations. Module 2 Quadratic Equation:s Module 4 Polynomials & Remainder Theorem Module 5 Co-ordinate Geometry Module 6 Functions & Graphs. Module 3 Inequalities. Module 7: Logarithms, Surds, & Indices. Module 8: Series & Progressions

  3. Concepts to be Discussed: 1. The Discriminant. 2. Nature of the Roots basis the Discriminant.

  4. 1.The Discriminant. 1. The Discriminant Roots con be computed using h* isih olousina. '9 2 The part the Discriminant as it discriminates

  5. 2. Nature of the Roots basis the Discriminant. Rati are

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