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Module 1 | Part 3 | Linear Equations (Special cases:1)
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Concept discussed: Linear equations | Special cases:1

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Anupam Mishra
Batch of 2018 IIM Lucknow || Former Verbal & Quant Faculty || Loves Philosophy || Trekker || Enfield enthusiast || Powerlifter

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pizza khare ho sir ap akele bacho ko bhi khilayo 😂😂😂photo m
In the third example, 5x would be greater than 100 upto infinity. Thus x wud be greater than 20 and not greater than equal to 20...
Anupam Mishra
2 months ago
Hey Ayush, you're right. This has been pointed out by Abhishek as well in the comments. Other learners kindly take note of this point. Thanks Ayush. 🙂
Good evening sir. In the second question u checked the multiple of 7 but in first question u simply took the subject y and find out the solutions. In exam how can we know as to which method to apply
Ayush Srivastava
2 months ago
@prabhu if u look below in the same slide..u wud find that he has taken y as the subject n explained as to y der wud be no solutions... He has explained it both the ways either we take x as the subject or y...
Thank you finally I am able to understand maths .
Anupam Mishra
a year ago
Thanks Aarti. These words mean a lot. 🙂
sir thanku but plz sie apna number dijye plz plz carrier advice leni hai plz
Anupam Mishra
a year ago
Hello Deepak. You can drop me a mail on 🙂
At 11.59, for y to be positive, shouldn't we exclude x=20 or simply 20<x<= infiinity ?
Anupam Mishra
a year ago
Hey Abhishek. Rightly pointed out. It should be x>20 & not x>=20. Other learners do take note. Thanks Abhishek. 🙂
  1. The Concept Series Quantitative Aptitude CAT 2018 (TCS) UNIT 2: Algebra MODULE 1: Algebra Fundamentals Part 3: Linear Equations (Special cases:1) Anupam Mishra IIM Lucknow

  2. The Concept Series(TCS) UNIT 1: NUMBERS UNIT 4: GEOMETRY UNIT 2: ALGEBRA UNIT 3: ARITHMETIC MENSURA ON UNIT 5: MODERN MATHS UNIT 9 MODULES Module 1 Algebra Module 3 Module 6 Module 2 Module 4 Co-ordinate Inequalitieseometry. Module 5 Functions & Graphs. Logarithms, Surds, & Indices Remainder Theorem & FundamentalsQuadratics & & Equations Module 7: Series & Progressions Module 8: Miscellaneous Concepts

  3. Concept to be Discussed: 1. Linear Equations with multiple solutions. a. Finite solutions b. No solutionn c. Infinite solutions

  4. 1a. Finite solutions uetions wi Finite a of Aolutoms Ex: Find no. non-negative integral olution for M, 1,87 2, 4 Intennal rai C15,

  5. 1b. No solution 2 Zero- inte gres tions : ind no (This part doesnt ia am pes v 10 not a no integal n exis ihte.sralv Hence Zero solution

  6. 1c. Infinite solutions Infinite integ rof eations., Ex: Find no of ntegrel positive seltoms ositive Aduti ,' unbou : For y to be Ptve (infinite 21,5),(22,10 (2 ) s), (24,29 01

  7. Concept Rating Speed Enhancer Essential Concept no. C.1

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