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Module 2 | Part 11 | Applications -1
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We start discussing applications of the concepts discussed in the earlier sessions.

Anupam Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anupam Mishra
Batch of 2018 IIM Lucknow || Former Verbal & Quant Faculty || Loves Philosophy || Trekker || Enfield enthusiast || Powerlifter

Unacademy user
Can you explain cash to gdp and parallel economy a little further
Soni Shrinjay
3 years ago
what is cash to gdp.... i dnt even find it on google
Soni Shrinjay
3 years ago
Parallel economy, based on the black money or unaccounted money, is a big menace to the Indian economy. It is also a cause of big loss in the tax-revenues for the government. As such, it needs to be curbed. Its elimination will benefit the economy in more than one way.
Sir plz upload the other modules soon. Your way of explaining is so easy to understand. Thank you
The concept is explained very well, thank you for that. But 2 recommendations: 1. In the question, d >= +/-16 but you have proved the answer to be d from (-infinity, -16] and [16, infinity). When d > -16 how could it take the values from (-infinity, -16]. Shouldn't the answer be from [-16, infinity)? 2. The use of highlighter could be reduced, sometimes it is only causing the distraction instead of helping in focusing on the concept you are explaining.
Anupam Mishra
10 months ago
Hello Anurag. Glad to know that you found the lessons helpful. Point 1: The solution for the question will remain the same as given in the lesson. Nevertheless, you do have a point here wrt to the inequality : d >= -+16. The inequality: d^2 >= 256, should instead be followed by: d >= |16|. Thanks for pointing this out. I'll have the team change that step soon. Point 2: Noted. Thanks for the constructive feedbacks.
Thank you for the course sir. The concepts are really explained well!
Anupam Mishra
a year ago
Glad that these are helpful. 🙂
The Module 1 and 2 were helpful. when will you start the 3rd Module? Any tentative date?
Anupam Mishra
a year ago
Hey Sonali, thanks for appreciating. Also, I'm myself a little unsure of the dates. But will try to upload them soon.🙂
very helpful for building concepts...thankuu sir
  1. The Concept Series (TCS) Quantitative Aptitude CAT 2018 UNIT 2: Algebra MODULE 2: Quadratics Equations. Part 11: Applications: 1 Anupam Mishra IIM Lucknow

  2. The Concept Series(TCS) UNIT 1: NUMBERS UNIT 4 GEOMETRY UNIT 2: ALGEBRA UNIT 3: ARITHMETIC UNIT 5: MODERN MATHS BUFFER UNIT 9 MODULES MENSURATION Module 1 Algebra Fundamentals & Linear Equations. Module 2 Quadratic Equation:s Module 4 Polynomials & Remainder Theorem Module 5 Co-ordinate Geometry Module 6 Functions & Graphs. Module 3 Inequalities. Module 7: Logarithms, Surds, & Indices. Module 8: Series & Progressions

  3. Questions: If & are the roots of the quadratic equation x2-5x + 6 = 0, Form the equation whose roots are 2 & 2 1. 2. Find the set of values of 'a for which the quadratic equation 4x2+ ax+ 16, has real roots.

  4. Question 1. Rodts roo 2 Neus 2 25-12=) 2c 2..13 x+36 = o//ster

  5. Question 2 4x2+dye+ 16 ka real roots. For rootto be reab4ac O.

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