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Module 2 | Part 11 | Applications -1
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We start discussing applications of the concepts discussed in the earlier sessions.

Anupam Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anupam Mishra
Batch of 2018 IIM Lucknow || Former Verbal & Quant Faculty || Loves Philosophy || Trekker || Enfield enthusiast || Powerlifter

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Rahul Mishra
a year ago
reduce the speed from settings on the video.
The concept is explained very well, thank you for that. But 2 recommendations: 1. In the question, d >= +/-16 but you have proved the answer to be d from (-infinity, -16] and [16, infinity). When d > -16 how could it take the values from (-infinity, -16]. Shouldn't the answer be from [-16, infinity)? 2. The use of highlighter could be reduced, sometimes it is only causing the distraction instead of helping in focusing on the concept you are explaining.
Anupam Mishra
a month ago
Hello Anurag. Glad to know that you found the lessons helpful. Point 1: The solution for the question will remain the same as given in the lesson. Nevertheless, you do have a point here wrt to the inequality : d >= -+16. The inequality: d^2 >= 256, should instead be followed by: d >= |16|. Thanks for pointing this out. I'll have the team change that step soon. Point 2: Noted. Thanks for the constructive feedbacks.
Thank you for the course sir. The concepts are really explained well!
Anupam Mishra
4 months ago
Glad that these are helpful. 🙂
very helpful for building concepts...thankuu sir
The Module 1 and 2 were helpful. when will you start the 3rd Module? Any tentative date?
Anupam Mishra
6 months ago
Hey Sonali, thanks for appreciating. Also, I'm myself a little unsure of the dates. But will try to upload them soon.🙂
Anupam Mishra
6 months ago
Thanks Darshan. 🙂
  1. The Concept Series (TCS) Quantitative Aptitude CAT 2018 UNIT 2: Algebra MODULE 2: Quadratics Equations. Part 11: Applications: 1 Anupam Mishra IIM Lucknow

  2. The Concept Series(TCS) UNIT 1: NUMBERS UNIT 4 GEOMETRY UNIT 2: ALGEBRA UNIT 3: ARITHMETIC UNIT 5: MODERN MATHS BUFFER UNIT 9 MODULES MENSURATION Module 1 Algebra Fundamentals & Linear Equations. Module 2 Quadratic Equation:s Module 4 Polynomials & Remainder Theorem Module 5 Co-ordinate Geometry Module 6 Functions & Graphs. Module 3 Inequalities. Module 7: Logarithms, Surds, & Indices. Module 8: Series & Progressions

  3. Questions: If & are the roots of the quadratic equation x2-5x + 6 = 0, Form the equation whose roots are 2 & 2 1. 2. Find the set of values of 'a for which the quadratic equation 4x2+ ax+ 16, has real roots.

  4. Question 1. Rodts roo 2 Neus 2 25-12=) 2c 2..13 x+36 = o//ster

  5. Question 2 4x2+dye+ 16 ka real roots. For rootto be reab4ac O.

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