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Module 1 | Part 1 | Introduction and Minimal Basics of Algebra.
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Course introduction & minimal basics.

Anupam Mishra
Batch of 2018 IIM Lucknow || Former Verbal & Quant Faculty || Loves Philosophy || Trekker || Enfield enthusiast || Powerlifter

Unacademy user
thank you so much mam for these mcq and my score is 10/10
i just seen ur course and it seems pretty good . the concepts are u teaching i understand those concepts . i am from commerce background so i m very bad ih maths .and the you explain things are good .
Anupam Mishra
2 months ago
Thanks for the appreciation Satyam. 🙂
Well looking for a good course on critical reasoning and I think a person who loves Philosophy can explain it better than anyone else. are you interested in making one?
Anupam Mishra
3 months ago
Hey Kunal. You sure have made a cogent argument there. And yes, I do like Critical Reasoning & have had plans to make a course on the same since sometime now. Just that, Learners have been demanding Quant lessons most of the time. Hence Time has kind of been the limiting factor here. Nevertheless, I'll see if this can be resolved soon. 🙂
As binomial and polynomial both has 2 terms so how will we differentiate when we get the equation that it is binomial or polynomial
Anupam Mishra
3 months ago
Hi Arnima. You won't be required to differentiate between these two. Morover for just 2 terms both are correct references. Might think of binomials as a subset of polynomials. 🙂
good kind of explaination sir that's the first lecture that i am takin of yours and how you teach that makes me feel good and confident
Anupam Mishra
3 months ago
So glad to know that the lessons have been helpful. Thanks Naman. 🙂
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