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Module 2 | Part 14 | Applications - 4
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We discuss a couple of questions related to the concepts learned earlier in the Module.

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Anupam Mishra
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Sir plz continue DNA best lesson beneficial
  1. The Concept Series (TCS) UNIT 2: Algebra Quantitative Aptitude CAT 1 MODULE 2: Quadratic Equations. Applications : 4 Anupam Mishra IIM Lucknow

  2. The Concept Series(TCS) CS UNIT 1: NUMBERS UNIT 3: ARITHMETIC UNIT 4: GEOMETRY UNIT 5: MODERN MATHS BUFFER UNIT UNIT 2: ALGEBRA 9 MODULES) MENSURATION Module 1 Algebra Fundamental & Linear Equations. Module 2 Quadratic Equations. Module 4 Polynomials & Remainder Theorem Module 5 Co-ordinate Geometry Module 6 Functions & Graphs Module 3 Inequalities Module 7: Logarithms, Surds, & Indices. Module 8: Series & Progressions.

  3. Questions: 1. A quadratic equation f(x) is such that it attains its minimumm value of-12 at x =-1 and f(1) = 4, find the sum of roots of the equation. c. 2 d. 0.5 2. Maitri & Monica try to solve a quadratic equation of the form ax2 +bx O. Maitri ends up solving with an incorrect value of 'c' & gets the roots as 5 & 2. Monica solves the equation with the wrong value of 'b' & gets the roots as -2 &-6. Find the correct quadratic equation:

  4. Question 1 11) (2) L min f(X) :-12. @ I, 2C fe) atteins min of 12 at x - 6 2aL CL a.

  5. Question 2 2. Maitai C512) Manica C-22-6) talk es in coect ulue of +B can be calculat ed using the uatu e s f bla. And value af bL a are un chamgeol So. Ge can fmd corect sum oF roots. takes incorect value of b d 3 can be Calculat edl using the values f a & c And a L are unchanged 2 2.

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