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MCQ Lesson 8 : Indian Economy
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Indian Polity, Economy and Current Affairs - these three are the most important sections for the APSC CCE Prelims and other competitive examinations. Here in this lesson, the Educator provides 12 High Quality MCQs on Indian Economy.

Bhaskarjyoti Hazarika
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It is very useful. Topics covered. Taxes. Plant types and environment.. i got a lead to improve my knowldege in these fields.. thanks Roman
  1. MCD Crash Course CONSTTTUTION of for APSC Indian Pality Economy and Current Affairs Far APSC CCE and Other Competitive Exams in Assam MCD Lesson 8

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  3. MCD Lesson 8 12 MCOsAnswers+Additional Facts CONSITTUTION INDIA 0 Indlen Economy

  4. Question 1 Which of the following best defines the repo rate or benchmark policy rate? a) The rate at which the commercial banks borrow from the Government b) The rate at which Government borrows from commercial banks c) The rate which Reserve Bank of India provide loans to commercial banks d) The rate which commercial banks provide loans to Government

  5. Question 1 Answer:C Repo rate is the rate at which the Reserve Bank of India lends money to commercial banks in the event of any shortfall of funds. Repo rate is the benchmark policy rate of monetary policy of India. It is used for controlling inflation in the economy.

  6. Question 2 Which of the following sector has the largest share in the capital expenditure of the Union Budget? a) Defence b) Education c) Health d) Railway

  7. Question 2 Answer:a Explanation: Defence expenditure has the largest share in the capital expenditure of Union Budget.

  8. Question 3 Which sector of Indian Economy has the largest share in GDP? a) Manufacturing Sector b) Service Sector c) Agriculture d) Informal Sector

  9. Question 3 Answer: b Explanation: Service Sector has the largest share in the GDP of India. Important sectors and their share in GDP (2016-17 data) Service Sector-53 % Agriculture Sector-15 % Industry Sector-31 % Manufacturing-17 %

  10. Question 4 Which of the following sectors are eligible for priority sector lending? I. MSME II. Agriculture II Housing Choose the correct answer using the codes a) and lI b) Il only c) Il and III d) All of the above

  11. Question 5 Which of the following statement is not correct? a) The share of agriculture in GDP is decreasing b) The share of agriculture sector in employment is insignificant c) The level of productivity in agriculture is very low d) Agriculture sector is the largest employer of rural economy

  12. Question 7 The difference between total receipts and expenditure of the Government is termed as a) Primary Deficit b) Revenue Deficit c) Fiscal Deficit d) Budget Deficit

  13. Question 8 In which of the following sectors in India, private sector investment is not allowed? I. Atomic Energy I. Space II. Railway Choose the correct answer using the codes a) I only b) and II c) and II All of the above d)

  14. Question 8 Answer: d Explanation In India, Private sector investment is not allowed in Space, Atomic Energy, Railways

  15. Question 9 Which of following tax in India is not levied by Central Government? a) Corporation Tax b) Income Tax c) Land Revenue d) Customs

  16. Question 11 Allahabad Bank . Bank of Baroda . Bank of India . Bank of . Indian Bank . Punjab & Sind Bank . Syndicate Bank . Indian Overseas Maharashtra . Canara Bank . Central Bank of Bank . UCO Bank Punjab National Bank India . Dena Bank . United Bank of India

  17. Question 12 Answer: a Explanation When there is inflation in the economy, the repo rate is increased to reduce money supply in the economy.

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