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MCQ Lesdon 12 : Current Affairs
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Here in this lesson, the Educator provides 14 High Quality MCQs on Current Affairs targeted for APSC CCE, SSC CGL and Railway

Bhaskarjyoti Hazarika
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  1. MCD Crash Course CONSTTTUTION of for APSC Indian Pality Economy and Current Affairs Far APSC CCE and Other Competitive Exams in Assam MCa Lesson I2

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  3. CONSTTTUTION MCO Lesson 12 4 MCLs+Answers+Additional Facts INDIA 0 Current Affairs]

  4. Question 1 Which State Government has recently raised the retirement age for Government employees from 60 to 62 years? a) Odisha b) Madhya Pradesh c) Uttar Pradesh d) Sikkim

  5. Question 1 Answer : b Explanation Madhya Pradesh State Government has recently raised the retirement age for Government employees from 60 to 62 years

  6. Question 2 India's first insect museum was recently opened in which Indian state? a) Karnataka b) Haryana c) Tamilnadu d) Maharashtra

  7. Question 2 Answer:c Explanation: India's first insect museum was opened at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University campus in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

  8. Question 3 The Bru or Reyang tribe are original inhabitants of which Indian State? a) Meghalaya b) Tripura c) Himachal Pradesh d) Sikkim

  9. Question 3 Answer: b Explanation: Reang or Bru is a scheduled tribe and original inhabitant of Tripura. However they may also be found in Mizoram, Assam, Manipur. In 1997, thousands of Reang people living in Mizoram fled to Tripura due to inter community violence. Now around thirty thousand of those displaced Reang people wil be repatriated to Mizoram

  10. Question 4 India's first cloned Assamese Buffalo was born in which of the following state? a) West Bengal b) Haryana c) Punjab d) Uttar Pradesh

  11. Question 5 Which Indian state has occupied the last position in the recently released Health Index of NITI Ayog? a) Assam b) Bihar c) Uttar Pradesh d) Madhya Pradesh

  12. Question 7 World Hindi Secretariat is situated in which of the following country? a) Maldives b) Mauritius c) Fiji d) Malaysia

  13. Question 8 The Department of Posts has launched the Cool EMS Service for importing food items for personal use from which of the following country? a) Thailand b) Japan c) USA d) Bangladesh

  14. Question 8 Answer : b Explanation Cool EMS service is one-way service from Japan to India which allows customers in India to import Japanese food items for personal use which is allowed under Indian regulations. Initially, Cool EMS Service will be available in Delhi only. It was launched by Department of Posts in March, 2018.

  15. Question 9 India's first regional satellite navigation system NAVIC contains how many satellites? b) 6 d) 10

  16. Question 12 Which mission of NASA has recently carried names of Indians to the planet Mars? a) Cassini Huygens b) Insights c) Genesis d) Kepler

  17. Question 13 Who among the following is the winner of Men's Single title of 2018 Wimbledon Open a) Roger Federer b) Novak Djokovic c) Rafael Nadal d) Andy Murray

  18. Question 13 Answer : b