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MCQ Lesson 3 : Indian Economy
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Indian Polity, Economy and Current Affairs - these three are the most important sections for the APSC CCE Prelims and other competitive examinations. Here in this lesson, the Educator provides 10 High Quality MCQs on Indian Economy.

Bhaskarjyoti Hazarika
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very well explained.. please continue the course
Sir, GST was introduced under The Constitution (one hundred and first amendment) Act, 2016
  1. MCD Crash Course CONSTTTUTION of for APSC Indian Pality Economy and Current Affairs Far APSC CCE and Other Competitive Exams in Assam MCD Lesson 3

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  3. CONSTTTUTION MCD Lesson3 OMCLs Answers +Additional Facts INDIA 0 Indlen Economy

  4. Question 1 Which among the following commodities is covered under Goods and Services Tax (GST)? a) Crude Oil b) Coal c) Natural Gas d) Aviation Turbine Fuel

  5. Question 1 Answer : b coal has a GST rate of 5%. Petroleum Crude, Diesel, Petrol, Natural Gas and Aviation Turbine Fuel (used in Aircrafts) are exempted from the purview of GST.

  6. Question 2 The 'Sashakt' plan recently approved by Govt. of India is related to which of the following? a) Women Empowerment b) Banking c) Health d) Education

  7. Question 2 Answer b Explanation: The Govt. of India has recently accepted Sashakt scheme for stressed assets (bad loans) It aims to resolve the problem of stressed assets (bad loans) of Banks through a market-led approach

  8. Question 3 The 100 rupee note of new Mahatma Gandhi series released by Reserve Banlk of India features which of the following? a) Rani ki Vav b) Konark Sun Temple c) Ashoka Pillar emblem d) Red Fort

  9. Question 3 Answer: a Explanation: The 100 rupee note of new Mahatma Gandhi series released by Reserve Bank of India features Rani ki Vav - a architectural structure in Gujrat and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Additional information on other new notes VRs. 10 - Konark Sun Temple (Odisha) VRs. 50 - Ashoka Pillar emblem VRs. 500 - Red Fort Rs. 2000 Mangalyan

  10. Question 4 Which among the following prepares the Consumer Price Index(CPI) of India? a) Reserve Bank of India b) Central Statistics Office c) Department of Economic Affairs d) Department of Consumer Affairs

  11. Question 5 Which of the following prepares the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) of India? a) Office of Economic Advisor, Ministry of Commerce and Industry b) Chief Economic Adviser c) Central Statistics Office d) Dept of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance

  12. Question 7 Which of following is not a component of Wholesale Price Index (WPI) in India? a) Manufactured Products b) Fruits and Vegetables c) Services d) Fuel

  13. Question 8 Under which constitutional amendment, Goods and Services Tax (GST) was introduced? a) 110th amendment b) 115th amendmemt c) 120th amendment d) 122th amendment

  14. Question 8 Answer: d Explanation Through 122nd Amendment of the Constitution introduced, Goods and Services Tax in India from 1st July, 2017

  15. Question 9 Which of the following Central Tax is not replaced by the Goods and Services Tax (GST)? a) Income Tax b) Service Tax c) Excise Duty d) Additional Excise Duties