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MCQ Lesson 10 : Current Affairs
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Indian Polity, Economy and Current Affairs - these three are the most important sections for the APSC CCE Prelims and other competitive examinations. Here in this lesson, the Educator provides 16 High Quality MCQs on Current Affairs.

Bhaskarjyoti Hazarika
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  1. MCD Crash Course CONSTTTUTION of for APSC Indian Pality Economy and Current Affairs Far APSC CCE and Other Competitive Exams in Assam MCD Lesson 9

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  3. MCO Lesson9 G MCsAnswers+Additional Facts CONSITTUTION INDIA 0 Current Affairs]

  4. Question 1 The BHIM app is developed by which of the following? a) National Payment Corporation of India b) Reserve Bank of India c) State Bank of India d) Punjab National Bank

  5. Question 1 Answer: a BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) is a mobile application for digital fund transaction developed by National Payments Corporation of India based on the Unified Payment Interface. It allows real time fund transfer using a single identity e.g. mobile number or name without providing details of bank account.

  6. Question 2 A loan or credit is termed as Non Performing Asset(NPA) if its interest remains overdue for a) One year b) 180 days c) 90 days d) 60 days

  7. Question 2 Answer:c Explanation: As per RBI regulation, a loan or credit is termed as Non Performing Asset (NPA) if its interest and/or the installment of principal remains overdue for 90 days In case of Agriculture loan will be treated as NPA if the installment of principal or interest remains overdue for two crop seasons.

  8. Question 3 The SWIFT platform is used by Banks is related to a) International transaction b) Govt. transaction c) Online banking d) Inter bank transactions

  9. Question 3 Answer: a Explanation: SWIFT (Society for World Interbank Financial Telecommunication) platform is used by banks and other financial institutions to transmit messages relating to international financial transactions.

  10. Question 4 Which of the following bank was recently declared as Domestically Systematically Important Bank? a) Axis Bank b) HDFC Bank c) Punjab National Bank d) Central Bank of India

  11. Question 5 The ATM operated by non bank entities are known as a) White label ATM b) Brown label ATM c) Green label ATM d) None of the above

  12. Question 7 The Sabrimala Shrine is located in which of the following state? a) Karnataka b) Kerala c) Tamilnadu d) Andhra Pradesh

  13. Question 8 The Cauvery river passes through which of the following states? 1. Tamlinadu 2. Andhra Pradesh 3. Karnataka Choose the correct answer using the codes a) 1 and 2 b) 1 and3 c) 2 and3 d) 1, 2 and 3

  14. Question 8 Answer : b Explanation Cauvery river flowing through the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Originating in the foothills of Western Ghats at Talakaveri, Karnataka and releases into the Bay of Bengal.

  15. Question 9 Eastern Peripheral Expressway passes through which Indian states? a) Uttar Pradesh and Haryana b) Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi c) Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab d) Haryana and Delhi

  16. Question 12 The Pad Abort test recently conducted by ISRO is related to which of the following? a) Launch of Solar Mission b) Launch of Nano satellites c) Emergency in spacecraft launch d) Launch of Mangalyan Il

  17. Question 13 The M 777 sometimes seen in news is a a) Long Range Missile b) Air Defence System c) Artillery Gun d) Battle Tank

  18. Question 13 Answer:C Explanation The M777 is a ultra light howitzer or simply an artillery gun. Recently India has acquired 145 M777 howitzer guns from USA and the guns are now tested in Pokhran range, Rajasthan

  19. Question 15 Answer : b Explanation FASTag is a simple to use tag which is used for electronic collection of charges in the toll plazas in the Highways of India. The FASTag is Radio Frequency Enabled tag which is fitted on the front windscreen of a vehicle. When the vehicle passes through a toll plaza, a reader scans/detects the FASTag and toll charges are deducted from the bank account connected to the FASTag Recenly FASTag has been made mandatory for commercial vehicles.

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