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MCQ Lesson 15 : Current Affairs
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Here in this lesson, the Educator provides 14 High Quality MCQs on Current Affairs targeted for APSC CCE, SSC CGL and Railway

Bhaskarjyoti Hazarika
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  1. MCD Crash Course CONSTTTUTION of for APSC Indian Pality Economy and Current Affairs Far APSC CCE and Other Competitive Exams in Assam MCD Lesson 15

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  3. MCQ Lesson 15 4 MCLs+Answers+Additional Facts CONSITTUTION INDIA 0 Current Affairs]

  4. Question 1 Prabal Dostyk is a joint military exercise is conducted by India with which of the following country? a) Kazakhstan b) France c) Maldives d) USA

  5. Question 1 Answer: a Explanation Prabal Dostyk is a joint military exercise is between India and Kazakhstan. Prabal Dostyk 2017 has been conducted in Himachal Pradesh. Recent important Military Exercises Harimau Shakti India and Malaysia VVaruna India and France (Navy) V Lamitye India and Seychelles v Vajra Prahar, Yudh Abhyas India and USA Samvedna Indian,Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE (Air Force) INDRA - India and Russia vSurya Kiran India and Nepal

  6. Question 2 The Shirui Lily Festival is celebrated in which Indian state? a) Mizoram b) Assam c) Himachal Pradesh d) Manipur

  7. Question 2 Answer d Explanation: ~ Shirui Lily festival is celebrated in Manipur. Shirui Lily is the state flower of Manipur. It is a rare pinkish white flower found only in the Shirui Hill range of Manipur

  8. Question 3 Recently MHRD has allowed Universities to use the software 'Turnitin' for which of the following purposes? a) Student Database b) Online Admission c) Open and Distance Education d) Plagiarism Check

  9. Question 3 Answer: d Explanation: Recently MHRD has allowed Universities to use software such as Turnitin' and others to keep a check on Plagiarism When one person's original work has been used by others without giving credit, such practices are called Plagiarism. Plagiarism cases are on the rise in India in research where one person's PhD thesis has been wrongly used by some others to complete their theses.

  10. Question 4 The term Catelonia often seen in news is associated with which of the following country a) Yemern b) Spain c) Greece d) Palestine

  11. Question 5 Walopi and Chemvist two technologies recently developed for Indian Railways is meant for the following uses a) Satellite navigation for locomotives b) Automatic control of unmanned railway crossings c) Locomotive drivers attention system d) Radar assisted terrain imaging to avoid accidents

  12. Question 7 R M Lodha committee is associated with which of the following ? a) Data Protection b) Cricket Reforms c) Financial Inclusion d) Banking reforms

  13. Question 8 Mission SAMPARK that has been launched in India recently will be dealing with which of the following diseases a) Malaria b) Tuberculosis c) AIDS d) Dengue

  14. Question 8 Answer:C Explanation On 1st December, 2017 (World Aids Day) mission SAMPARK has been launched to deal with AIDS It is launched to trace the HIV positive patients and to provide Antiretroviral Therapy

  15. Question 9 Which of the following subject is included in the State List? a) Intoxicating liquors b) Forests c) Electricity d) Emoluments of the State Governors

  16. Question 12 Which of the following authority is associated with the India Rhino Vision 2020? a) North Eastern Council b) Bodoland Territorial Council c) NITI Ayog d) Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER)

  17. Question 13 India has become a full member of which of the following international group in January 2018? a) Nuclear Suppliers Group b) Wassenar Arramgement c) Australia Group d) Missile Technology Control Regime

  18. Question 13 Answer:C India has joined the Australia Group in Jan, 2018. It is informal group of countries to the spread of chemical and biological weapon In 2017, India has joined the Wassenaar Arrangement a multilateral export control regime of 42 nations for export controls of conventional arms and Dual-use Goods and Technologies. In 2016, India has joined the Missile Technology Control Regime - an informal and voluntary partnership among 35 countries to prevent the proliferation of missiles and unmanned aerial vehicle technology. India has been trying to join Nuclear Suppliers Group but China is opposing it.