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Major Topics In Modern Indian History For CAPF Examination​
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This lesson focuses on the important topics in Indian Modern History. The presenter begins by emphasising on the extremely important topics that aspirants need to prepare well for such as the Battle of Plassey, Battle of Buxar etc. He then stresses on the era of 1793-180 which consists of various settlements such as the Ryotwari, Mahalwari settlement etc. The lesson then proceeds to inform the students of the important people like Warren Hastings, Lord Wellesley etc. The presenter also lists down the various acts & reforms that one should focus on during preparation.

Vimal Singh Rathore
Travelling gives you 'experience' & teaching 'immortalizes' it. Loves both :)

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  1. Course : Everything about CAPF Lesson 11 Important Topics for Modern History PRESENTED BY VIMAL SINGH RATHORE

  2. About me . Cleared CAPF 2013 (AIR - 262) Graduation in Biotechnology Masters in Biomedical Science Research GATE Biotech-98.5%ile Appeared in Indian Forest Services, Interview 2015 & wrote CSE-Mains, 15 . Follow me on Unacademy at Please Contribute if you like the lesson and want me to make more like this

  3. Personal Note . Keeping in mind the limited time, I am listing important topics which can easily be covered, and will help you to remain focus on the topic. I am quite sure that you will be able to attend more than 80% of history questions if you cover these topics comprehensively

  4. List of Important Modern History topics chronologically .NVI stands for 'Not Very Important' . VI stand for 'Very Important' .VVI stands for 'Very Very Important'

  5. List of Important Modern History topics chronologically . 1498 to 1756 : Vasco Da Gama Arrival to Factories establishment [NVI] . 1757 Battle of Plassey V] . 1764 Battle of Buxar V 1765 Treaty of Allahabad [Vi] . 1793 to 1830 Permanent, Ryotwari, Mahalwari Settlement [VVI]

  6. Important Governor Generals / Viceroys & Acts Warren Hastings Lord Cornwallis (Reforms important) Lord Wellesley (Subsdiary Alliance) Lord William Bentinck (Social Reforms)

  7. Important Governor Generals / Viceroys & Acts . Lord Dalhausie (Doctrine of Lapse) Lord Lyton (Controversial Acts) Lord Rippon (the Good) Lord Curzon (Partition of Bengal Policy)

  8. All the Acts are Important Note the governance changes in the acts while studying Regulating Act'1773 Pitt's India Act'1784 -charter Act-1813, 1833, 1853 GOl Act'1858 Indian Council Act, 1861 Indian Council Act, 1892 Indian Council Act,1909 .GOl Act'1919 .GOl Act'1935

  9. National Movement . 1905- Partition of Bengal .1905-1908 - Swadeshi Movement . 1906- Muslim League @ Dhaka 1916- Home Rule League Movement . 1916- Lucknow Pact 1916- Lucknow Pact .Gandhiji @ Champaran, Ahmedabad, Kheda .1919- Rowlatt Act

  10. National Movement . Khilafat NCM . Simon Commission . 1930-31 - Civil Disobedience Movement .Gandhi Irwin Pact .1931- Karachi Session Communal Award Poona Pact .1940- Pakistan Resolution 1940- Pakistan Re

  11. What 'Not' Important? . Religious Reform Religious Reform Social Reforms But please cover these names/events RRM Roy, ICV Sagar, Jyotiba Phule, Vivekananda, Dayanand Saraswati Bardoli Satyagrah