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Major Topics In Economy to Comprehend For Cracking CAPF Examination
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This lesson is the last of the series on important topics. This lesson focuses on the important topics in Economy. The presenter provides the tips for preparation of the topic in a way that it is completed in 7 days. He gives the number of days an aspirant should dedicate for a particular topic. He also states the percentage of questions that are likely to come from the sections he mentions from the comprehensive list of topics given earlier.

Vimal Singh Rathore
Travelling gives you 'experience' & teaching 'immortalizes' it. Loves both :)

Unacademy user
Thanks a ton sir!!! you are like a saviour for us!!!
pratiyogita darpan will i get the pdf version for that
Thnx sir for awesome course...till now i am preparing my current affairs from Chronicle magzine...sir which is best magzine to cover current affairs...Chronicle...PD...CSR??
Sir first of all Thankyou very much. Sir m targeting CApF 2017.As I am beginner in the preparation stage. So sir,all the strategies you have discussed in these videos are applicable for the beginners like us who are targeting CAPF 17.??? What should be our approach to get success.
sir please make new video for capf 2017 exam specially for paper 2
Sir i tried to read PD but , i m very much confused and my friends also, pls sir can you make a video on how to read PD .pls take any one edition of PD 2016 for taking as example in slides..( means pls add actual pic the of the pages from PD to show exactly what to read and what not))... pls sir make one more video it means a lot
  1. Course : Everything about CAPE Lesson 15: Important Topics for Economy PRESENTED BY VIMAL SINGH RATHORE

  2. About me . Cleared CAPF 2013 (AIR - 262) Graduation in Biotechnology Masters in Biomedical Science Research GATE Biotech-98.5%ile Appeared in Indian Forest Services, Interview 2015 & wrote CSE-Mains, 15 . Follow me on Unacademy at Please Contribute if you like the lesson and want me to make more like this

  3. How to cover Economy in 7 days I. Economic Survey I Current Affairs Last 6 months PD II Important Topics as listed here 2Days 40-50% Questions 1 Day 10-20 % Questions 4 Days 20-30% Questions 4-5 Hrs IV. NCERT XI This will cover almost 100% of Economy Section

  4. Task I & II:Economic Survey & Current Issues My Collection on Economic Survey (click on my profile) . Pratiyogita Darpan publish 3-4 pages on Banking and Economics in every Edition. Please read January to June Edition.

  5. Task III Important Topics Task III: Important Topics Definition of GDP, GNP, GVA Domestic & National Income . Closed & Open Economy LPG Reforms of 1991 HDI, IHDI Sustainable Development Goals

  6. Task III Important Topics Task III: Important Topics Deficit Financing CRR, SLR, Bank Rate, Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate Contractionary & Expnasion/ Cheap Money Policy . Bonds, Shares, Equities, Debentures Hedge Funds, VC Fund, Vulture Funds

  7. Task III Important Topics Task III: Important Topics Micro Finance Institutions BASEL Norms . CAR . Direct and Indirect Taxes GST Inflation, Types, Impact on national & international trade, measures

  8. Task III Important Topics Task III: Important Topics . CPI, WPI . Budget Revenue & Capital receipts, Revenue & Capital Expenditure Plan and Non-Plan Expenditure Finance Commission & Role NITI Aayog & Role in Indian Economy FDI, FlI

  9. Task III Important Topics Task III: Important Topics . GDR, ECR . Exchange Rate System BoP Current & Capital Account Trade Balance Financial Markets, Stock Exchange