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Most Important Topics to Learn in Geography for Cracking CAFP Examination
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In this lesson, the lecturer throws light on the important topics from Geography that the student should focus on. He begins by providing a list of these important topics from the Indian Physical Environment such as the Drainage system & from the Fundamental of Physical geography such as interior of the Earth, Water & its movement etc. The lesson then educates us of the explicit topics from geography such as earthquakes, continental drift etc.

Vimal Singh Rathore
Travelling gives you 'experience' & teaching 'immortalizes' it. Loves both :)

Unacademy user
thank u sir good vedio
Jai hind sir... For polity we have to prepare complete lakshmikant book? Plz guide me sir... I am following all things u said about important... Can we follow pathfinder book of CDS for CAPF??? Plz guide me sir
Nice informational video.Sir,How should I practice essay ,precise and counter argument for the paper 2.Also tell me the way how can I evaluate my answers for the paper 2 .
Sir please suggest Is there any previous year paper book of capf in the market. Which one should we prefer.
can u pls give an option of 1.25x / 1.5x likewise as youtube gives.. sometimes lectures are watched to revise.. thanks alot for your efforts.
Sir, could u pls make last year question and answer slide. It becomes very easy to corelate the the things we learn side by side.
Veerendra Kumar
3 years ago
Sir can you please tell us what should we include in 300 words essay. How many perspective should be there sir pls ...with an exaple of any previous year essay.
  1. Course: Everything about CAPF Lesson 14: Important Topics for Geography PRESENTED BY VIMAL SINGH RATHORE

  2. About me . Cleared CAPF 2013 (AIR - 262) Graduation in Biotechnology Masters in Biomedical Science Research GATE Biotech-98.5%ile Appeared in Indian Forest Services, Interview 2015 & wrote CSE-Mains, 15 . Follow me on Unacademy at Please Contribute if you like the lesson and want me to make more like this

  3. Geography : Topics You can not afford to leave Reference book: NCERT XI (2 Volumes) India : Physical Environment Drainage System Climate Soils Fundamentals of Phy. Geography Interior of the Earth Distribution of Oceans & Currents Landforms & their Evolution .Comp. & Str. Of Atmosphere Solar Radiation, HB & Temp Atm. Circulation & Weather Water in the Atmosphere Water & its Movement (Oceans) cover these topics & 80 % Geography is complete! Trust me!

  4. Explicit Topics Earthquake, waves Weathering & Soil formation Structure of the EarthLandforms :Young & Old river feature Continental Drift (page 60) Plate tectonics Valley, Alluvial fans, Glacier, Cirque

  5. Explicit Topics Atmosphere Indian Monsoon Insolation El-Nino, La-Nina Pressure Himalayan & Peninsular River Systems Precipitation Soil, types, degradation, conservation