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Mahanadi River System: Complete Outline (for UPSC CSE)
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In this lesson, you will know about the origination, tributaries and much more about Mahanadi river system. Illustrations, a brief explanation and much more facts pertaining to left and right bank tributaries of Mahanadi can be found in this lesson. You'll also know to which all cities this river is associated and much more interesting facts.

Bhumika Saini
B Tech from MNIT, Jaipur. Appeared in CSE interview thrice. Loves teaching and playing badminton.

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mam or bhi videos upload kriya 20 days hi Rh gya h SBI clerk k liya
Anupama Rani
8 months ago
Yes sure Nutan.. i will try to provide as many videos as i can..😀
8 months ago
thnku mam.
Mahanadi originates near Sihawa, in Raipur district of Chattisgarh. Here's the discrepancy resolved:
Ayush Bakhda
7 months ago
Sihawa is not in raipur district it is in dhamtari district.
Piyush Pathak
7 months ago
okay, thanks for the info
Amarkantak hills is not the place of origin of Mahanadi.Amarkantak is in Madhya Pradesh.Mahanadi originates from Raipur district of Chattisgarh
in ncert & Wikipedia it is mentioned that mahanadi originates from sihawa, in raipur district of chhattisgarh....
hasdeo river origin form kaimur mountains of koriya district of chhattisgarh
its is originates from sihawa village of dhamtari district of chhattisgarh
  1. Course: Become well-versed with the Drainage System of India Lesson: Mahanadi River System Presented by Bhumika Saini

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  3. Originates from the Amarkantak hills of the Bastar Plateau in Chhattisgarh It finally empties into the Bay of Bengal in K through several channels Sambalpur, Cuttack, Sonepur, Birmaharajpur, are the important centres on the river . Originates from the Amarkantak hills of the Bastar Plateau in endrapada district MAHANADI

  4. Seonath Hasdeo Mand lb Tel

  5. MAH R. TEL

  6. . It originates from Panabaras Hill (625 m) and flows towardsn The river feeds the inhabitants and industries of Durg District The total length of the Sheonath River is 345 km SHEONATH

  7. The River originates from Chhattisgarh . The total length of the river is 333 km and drainage area is 9856 sq km HASDEC . The river flows towards south of Chhattisgarh, through Bilaspur and Korba Districts Along the river lie rocks and hilly areas, thin forest Along the river lie rocks and hilly areas, thin forest areas

  8. It is a left-bank tributary of Mahanadi Joins Mahanadi in Chandrapur before the river reaches Hirakud dam the total length of the river is 241 sqkm It drains an area in the range of5200 sqkm Mand River dam has been constructed in the Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh MAND

  9. It is a left-bank tributary of Mahanadi River, Originates in hill Chhattisgarh The river runs for a distance of about 252km and drains an area of 12,447 sqkm lb river valley is famous for its rich coal belt Is in Raigarh district of IB

  10. It is a right bank tributary of Mahanadi river Flows across Orissa and joins Mahanadi at Sambalpur 11km upstream of Sonepur where Tel merges It drains area of about 5128sqkm ONG