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Ganga River System​: Complete outline (Part 2) (for UPSC CSE)
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This lesson is in continuance with the previous, here you'll gain comprehension on the remaining tributaries of river Ganga which were not discussed in the earlier part. Some important rivers which are detailed here are Rapti, Gandak, Burhi Gandak, and much more. Each river is illustrated and explained with pictorial representations.

Bhumika Saini
B Tech from MNIT, Jaipur. Appeared in CSE interview thrice. Loves teaching and playing badminton.

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Anirudh, thanks once again for this awesome course. And a great thanks for finishing this course with the famous quote of Carl Sagan from the Cosmos series. That is my favourite quote too :)
My pleasure, Rony. I must say I'm very impressed that you guessed so many of the paintings correctly. Quite an achievement. And it's always a pleasure to meet a fellow Sagan fan. Do stay in touch! :)
I have not guessed most of the paintings... I'm not a historian to do that much... I Googled to find all those paintings :) But I like learning like that, and the answers will also help others who are watching the course :)
Kindly correct the spelling of Chhattisgarh!
Really Helpful Video. . Further Let Me Add some extra point to koshi river. . .Koshi Barrage was built on river to help prevent floods and increase irrigation. Further multipurpose projects are in a row with nepal and indian govt.
It is really a worthy class. Everybody will be benefited with these classes specially by the poor aspirants.
Mam I m very much afraid of geography nd now I m learning from ur I m find my fear has gone
excellent videos with lucid explanation, your Geography videos on YouTube , till now as l saw many , these are the best amongst others. So thank you very much Mam . plz find more time to make such more videos.
  1. Course: Become well-versed with the Drainage System of India Lesson: Ganga River System Presented by Bhumika Saini

  2. B Tech from MNIT, Jaipur Appeared in CSE interview thrice Three years of experience in teaching Course fee: CONTRIBUTE Follow me on Unacademy: About me

  3. . The Ganga is formed from the 6 he adstreams and their five confluences The Bhagirathi, the source stream: rises at the foot of Gangotri Glacier, at Gaumukh. Haridwar, Kanpur,, Kannauj, Allahabad, Varanasi, Patna, Ghazipur, Bhagalpur, Mirzapur, Ballia, Buxar, are the important towns GANGA There are two major barrages on the Ganga, one at Haridwar and the other barrage is at Farakka.

  4. Vishnu Prayag Alaknanda River Dhauliganga Nandprayag Alaknanda Nandakini Karna Prayag PRAYAG Alaknanda Pindar River Rudra Prayag Alaknanda Mandakini Devprayag Alaknanda Bhagirathi

  5. Ramganga Gomti Ghaghara Rapti Gandak Burhi Left Bank GANGA TRIBUTRIES Ganga tributaries Gandak Kosi Yamuna Right Bank Rihand Son North Koel

  6. NcRTH

  7. The Raptirises south of a prominent E-Wnidgeline midway bwth The Rapti rises south of a prominent E-W ridgeline midway b/w the western Dhaulagiri Himalaya and the Mahabharat Range in Nepal .The mainstream of this river rises as a spring in the southern slopes of RAPT the Lower Himalayas . It has tendency of recurrent floods that led to its nickname "Gorakpur's Sorrow"

  8. It is formed by the union of the Kali and Trisuli rivers, which rise in the Great Himalayan Range in Nepal It enters the Ganga river opposite Patna in a place called Sonepur The upper catchment area of the river is bleak and desolate as it lies in the rain shadow area of the Himalayan range GANDAK

  9. . Originates in the district of West Chamaparan district of Bihar Originates in the district of West Chamaparan district of Bihar It flows parallel to and east of the Gandak River in an old channel Samastipur is situated on it BURHI GANDAK . Samastipur is situated on it

  10. Saptakoshi for its 7 Himalayan tributaries. it is an antecedant transboundary river flowing through Nepal and India Some of the rivers of the Kosi system, such as the Arun, the Sun Kosi and the Bhote Koshi, originate in the Tibet Mt.Everest and the Kanchenjunga are in the Kosi catchment Its unstable nature has been attributed to the heavy silt it carries during the monsoon season It is termed as "The Sorrow of Bihar" KOSI ts unstable nature any sitt caries its unstable nature has been attibuted to the heavy sit it carrie

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