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Brahmaputra​ River System: Complete Outline (for UPSC CSE)
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This lesson concentrates on providing comprehensive details on Brahmaputra river system. One will come across the facts pertaining to the origination of Brahmaputra, know the corresponding places in which it flows, and much more. Educator also sheds light on the left and right bank tributaries which are Dhansiri, Lohit, Dibang, Subansiri, Kameng, Manas, and Sankosh. She details about each tributaries using proper pictorial representation. ​

Bhumika Saini
B Tech from MNIT, Jaipur. Appeared in CSE interview thrice. Loves teaching and playing badminton.

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manas origin is from ffothills of himalayas
mam commuter zone geo ka part hai kaunse chap ma hoga ye jo 5 ring model hai
  1. Course: Become well-versed with the Drainage System of India Lesson: Brahmaputra River System Presented by Bhumika Saini

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  4. . The Brahmaputra's source is the Chemayungdung glacier in southwestern Tibet. . It flows as the Yarlung Tsangpo River across southern Tibet In Arunachal pradesh it is known as Dihang Just west of the town of Sadiya, the Dihang is joined by two mountain streams, the Lohit and the Dibang. Below the confluence, the river is known as the Brahmaputra. BRAHMAPUTRA Below the confuence, the river is known as the

  5. It flows through Bangladesh as the Jamuna where it merges with the Ganga to form a vast delta, the Sunderbans. . The biggest river islands in the world Majuli is on the river in BRAHMAPUTRA the state of Assam Dibrugarh,Pasighat, Neamati, Tezpur and Guwahati are the Dibrugarh,Pasighat, Neamati,Terpurand Guwahatiare the important urban centers on the river.

  6. Left bankRight Bank Subansiri Dhansiri Lohit Kameng Dibang Manas Sankosh

  7. Subansiri River is also called as Gold River as it is famous for its gold dust It flows through the Lower Subansiri District in Arunachal Pradesh. Subansari, a swift river offers excellent kayaking opportunities. SUBANSIRI

  8. Kameng River originates in Tawang district in the eastern Himalayan mountains Flows through West Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh and Sonitpur District of Assam. The Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary and the Kaziranga National Park are located near the Kameng River KAMENG

  9. Manas River is a transboundary river in the Himalayan foothills between southern Bhutan and India. River flows through Bhutan and then through Assam before it joins the mighty Brahmaputra River. MANAS The river valley has two major reserve forest areas, namely the Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan and the contiguous Manas Wildlife Sanctuary

  10. It rises in northern Bhutan and empties into the Brahmaputra in the state of Assam The upper catchment of the river is glaciated The middle and the lower courses flow along V-shaped valleys that have been carved by running water. SANKOSH The midleand the lower courses fow along Vshaped vales . The entire catchment of the river is covered with forests.

  11. . The River Lohit originates in the eastern Tibet. The river flows through the Mishmi hills. The valley of Lohit is thickly forested, covered with alpine and sub-tropical vegetation . A large variety of medicinal plants are also found here The river flows through the Mishmi ills LOHIT