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Geography for UPSC CSE: Drainage System of India


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Bhumika Saini

Drainage System of India yet another course by Bhumika is now ready to yield you geographical knowledge. As the title suggests you’ll get a better comprehension of the drainage system of India. As the course starts you’ll understand the objectives of this course and know the benefits of it. Then she takes you through the Himalayan rivers, Peninsular rivers, and other rivers. Each river has been explained one by one in such a way that you will know about their origination, the places which they flow, their tributaries and sub-tributaries etc. She also mentions dams and other such vital facts associated with the rivers. The prime rivers which you will study in this course are Indus, Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Mahanadi, Krishna along with their pictorial presentation.



166 reviews

Black White

reviewed on Jun 5, 2016

Extra-ordinary presentation like previous lessons. Please I kindly request you to cover Himalayan mountain ranges, it's passes, wetlands, Biosphere reserves,etc. Salute for your efforts.

Moumita Chakraborty

reviewed on Jun 29, 2016

Thanks a lot ma'am for sharing the presentation. Helpful to all those who can't afford coachings. Great initiative by Saini sir. THANK YOU ! :)

Vivek Choudhary

reviewed on Jun 4, 2016

Hi Bhumika, Your Lessons are Very Good and Helpful. Your further Lessons on Wildlife Parks and Environment Features of India would be very helpful. Thanks Again.

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