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Landslides and Avalanches
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This lesson deals with where landslides and avalanches occur in India and steps needed to be taken to prevent/ mitigate its effects in India

Venkatesh Emani
Loves teaching...Faculty of Geography and economy for competitive exams

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  1. Course:Disaster Management Course: Disaster Management Presented by Venkatesh Emani

  2. About me - M. Sc geography from University of Madras Three years of experience in teaching Geography and Economy for civil services Interests : Love teaching, watching cricket and some long drives Follow me on Unacademy: h nh

  3. Landslides Landslides are downward and outward movement of slope materials such as rock debris and earth, under the influence of gravity - Such movements may occur gradually, but sudden sliding can also occur without warning. Landslides often take place in conjunction with earthquakes, floods Heavy landslides block the flow of rivers for quite some time, which on bursting can cause havoc to human settlements downstreanm Avalanches are a mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside #

  4. Landslide prone areas of India The hilly terrains of India, particularly in the Himalayas and the Western Ghats, are most vulnerable to landslides. The Himalayan mountain belt comprises of tectonically unstable younger geological formations and often the slides are huge Threat of landslides to housing and infrastructure, farms and fields, -. vast stretchesofborder roads and railway lines, hydro-electricand watersupply installations, -transmission line pojects, tunnels, heritage buildingsand monasteries, pilgrim routes, and tourist spots _

  5. Causes Heavy rain - The main cause of landslides Deforestation Earthquakes and volcanic explosions Building of roads # Construction of houses and other buildings

  6. Landslide Management Landslides, unlike other natural disasters, occur as isolated incidents and hence have to be treated individually. Management is confined to ad-hoc solutions ofsite specific problems Eg: Implementationofimmediate remedial measues like debris removal Remediation practices, like 0 Slope geometry correction providing protection to the toe of slope by retaining structures, Management of the surface and sub-surface water including the development of pore pressures, nailing .Landslide Education, Awareness and Capacity Building

  7. Landslide Management # Measures diverting rain water away from mountain slopes Planting (Avalanche Prevention Forest) Stepped Terraces Avalanche Control Fence and Suspended Fences Snow Control Structures Non-structural measures # removing snowdepositson slopes by blasting. evacuating peoplefrom vulnerableareas.