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Cyclone Management in India
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This lesson deals with reasons for cyclone formation and steps needed to counter its effects.

Venkatesh Emani
Loves teaching...Faculty of Geography and economy for competitive exams

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Sir, why weak vertical wind shear (or uniform wind conditions) is a requisite for cyclone formation, can you please elaborate
  1. Course:Disaster Management Course: Disaster Management Presented by Venkatesh Emani

  2. About me - M. Sc geography from University of Madras Three years of experience in teaching Geography and Economy for civil services Interests : Love teaching, watching cricket and some long drives Follow me on Unacademy: h nh

  3. Cyclones Cyclones are characterised by very strong winds, heavy torrential rainfall and associated storm surges They cause extensive damage to human lives and property Long coastline of more than 7500km-India is vulnerable to Tropical Cyclones Cyclones occur in April- May and October-November .

  4. Ideal conditions of a cyclone a Warm sea surface temperature of 26 -28 degree centigrade # Availability of moisture . Strong coriolis force Weak vertical wind shear More Cyclones hit the coast from Bay of Bengal than Arabian sea Out of the cyclones that develop in the Bay of Bengal, over 58% # approach and cross the East coast (25% for arabian sea and west coast) Bay of Bengal is warmer than Arabian sea Bay of Bengal receives break away cyclones from Pacific ocean (south China sea)

  5. Cyclone Management - Efficient cyclone forecast - and warning services Tracking of cyclones through cyclone surveillance radars ination of warnings to the governm Rapid dissem particularly marine interests like ports, fisheries and shipping and to the general public ent agencies, as Construction of cyclone shelters in vulnerable areas, Ready machinery for evacuation of people to safer areas Community preparedness at all levels to meet the exigencies. Restoring transport, power and communication networks =

  6. Cyclone management a Strengthenin Strengthening of cyclone warning system, training and education Coastal belt plantation in storm surge areas Planting trees with strong root systenm Pruning of canopy of trees before the cyclone season Capacity building measures can be carried ou -Awareness about insurance policies #