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Disaster Management Strategies
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This lesson speaks about who to tackle the disaster at different levels...what steps are needed to be taken before the disaster strikes, during the event of a disaster and post the disaster .

Venkatesh Emani
Loves teaching...Faculty of Geography and economy for competitive exams

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Do we need to go through the ARC report on disaster management again???
Venkatesh Emani
3 years ago
It would be always better least u can read the executive summary of the report
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  1. Course:Disaster Management Course: Disaster Management Presented by Venkatesh Emani

  2. About me - M. Sc geography from University of Madras Three years of experience in teaching Geography and Economy for civil services Interests : Love teaching, watching cricket and some long drives Follow me on Unacademy: h nh

  3. Disaster Management Strategies Modern welfare state entails wider responsibilities towards its people In addition to the traditional responsibilities of relief and immediate rehabilitation, steps has to be taken ideally to prevent a disaster or mitigate its effects Governments in conjunction with the local bodies, the civil society, * voluntary organizat ons and corporate bodies strive for disaster mitigation 3 phases of disaster management: - Pre crisis: Preparedness During Crisis : Emergency Response Post Crisis : Recovery, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction e Disaster management aims at building resilience of the communities to face crisis and ensuring their full participation

  4. Pre Crisis - Preparedness Potential HAZARD AND VULNERABILITY ANALYSIS will help in preventing and mitigating the crisis Crisis can also be mitigated through various short term measures, which . either reduce or modify the scale and intensity of the threat Helps in creating a Institutional framework to deal with a disaster Phase of installing early warning systems Mitigation measures may vary from disaster to disaster Eg: Adopting water shed management as a drought proofing measure This will help in capacity building of communities and governmental agencies .

  5. During Crisis - Emergency Response Once a crisis/disaster occurs, a speedy response is required to minimise the loss and suffering Steps like Evacuation, search and rescue, provision of basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, medicine are taken Use of trigger mechanism sand Standard Operating Procedures Aim is to bring the life of the affected community back to a degree of . normalcy

  6. Post Crisis - Recovery, Rehabilitation andd Reconstruction Recovery : This is the stage when efforts are made to achieve early recovery and reduce vulnerability and future risks. Rehabilitation: Includes provision of temporary public utilities and housing as interim measures to assist long term recovery Reconstruction: Includes construction of damaged infrastructure and habitats and enabling sustainable livelihoods